I am a proud Indian citizen. So, going straight to the point, it is no news that the second/third wave of COVID-19 is on around the globe; and is ravaging my motherland to no end. It pains me when my fellow Indians are dying without beds and O2 supply; many in my age group are struggling for vaccination slots; even though India is not a capitalist country – the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer in terms of medical facilities.

It has been two weeks since the Central Government announced the third phase of vaccination drive for the age group of 18-44 years. However, there are so many, who like me, who are yet to intake the first dose, courtesy the constant dilly-dallying and complacency by certain authorities. I see nothing but fear, grief, confusion and chaos around me in almost every state.

I stopped reading the newspapers, deactivated my social media accounts, muted any WhatsApp group that involved covid discussions, and do walk away from any physical conversations on this topic. I engage in those activities that help my mind stay sane. Personally and at work, I only hear X’s family member died or that Y passed on. Not just me, I hear my mother tell me from her workplace as well. Life in India is not really easy at the moment, and is is even harder to muster some motivation to just wake up and look forward to the day. Whenever you are feeling low, always take it slow!

As they say, “Never let your sufferings define who you are.”

The lockdowns across the country are taking their toll on the sane minds. I am extremely privileged to be a part of an organization where mental health is is taken care of with utmost priority and sensitivity. Better late than never, right?

What am I doing right now to stay as sane as possible? Banned reading newspapers, deactivated social media, more music, and maybe a little more of therapy too. And one week’s leave from work. At least the pandemic has reminded us how much we need to ease down in our lives. It is heartening to see so many people, young and old alike, rise up to the occasion and help every one who are in need of it. We Indians, do take pride in our closely-knit community-oriented society.

I love my family – my grandparents, my uncles/aunts/cousins, and friends too. I try to ring my grandmothers up and help a bit in boosting their moods. The older generation are the most vulnerable in every aspect, they truly need us right now and I value their time with me more than any materialistic possession. It is in my nature to want to check in on whomever I know.

Healing With Love (My Lines)

Let’s collectively take some time out to heal,

from the wounds of this pandemic ordeal.

We belong to the generations ravaged by the furious coronavirus,

Leaving us reeling in uncertainty’s shadows.

But who ever said that darkness was constant?

For, with the passage of time, the Divine Light shall render it impotent.

In this lethal clash of man versus virus,

Can we all just hold hands and spread only kindness and love among us????

P.S. – You could also listen to ‘Lead, kindly light’ by John Bacchus Dykes – the lyrics are kind of relevant to the current situation.