It’s been almost a year that the world is struggling with the pandemic outbreak. Even though the situation is still better than before, yet the community transmissions are taking place. People are still getting affected because of the virus, which in turn is causing suffering and deaths. That aside, the economy is still healing from the after-effect of the sudden virus outbreak. Even though offices and factories are gradually opening up, people are still losing jobs and are witnessing salary cuts. Hence, all these results in pandemic stress, which also gives rise to minor health issues.

Brian C Jensen shares health issues from the pandemic stress

Any stress can lead to several health hazards. Brian C Jensen has shared some of the minor health issues resulting from the pandemic stress and the probable cure or remedy for the same.

  1. Increased blood pressure

Excess stress can make the heart beat faster! It leads to increased blood pressure counts, as well. Today, the future is uncertain, which in turn is making the most stressed and anxious. People are worried about their health and the health of their loved ones. However, one of the best ways to combat this stress and increased blood pressure is to practice deep breathing. You can do this during the morning and witness the benefits. Excess stress affects the breathing pattern that gets corrected when you practice deep breathing. Regular practice will help you to lower both stress and blood pressure.

  • Muscle aches and body aches

Excess pandemic stress often increases the production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. When there is cortisol dysfunction due to stress, it leads to unmodulated inflammation, which reactivates the stress response. It can create a cycle of pain, depression, and inflammation. Pain reactivates the pro-inflammatory stress response, which gets unmodulated because of the cortisol dysfunction. One of the best ways to bring down these body aches and muscle pains is to exercise. Daily exercise will bring down the stress level, reducing cortisol and its after-effects on the body.

  • Erratic sleep and food habits

When you are under acute stress, the body’s response to hunger and digestion also changes. It affects your appetite and makes you eat junk food, which gives rise to a set of digestive and stomach issues. When you eat erratically, it also results in an irregular sleep cycle. When the body doesn’t get ample rest and sleep, it leads to low energy and productivity. The best remedy for this is to sleep on time and to consume a nutrient-rich platter. It is also essential to add essential health and vitamin supplements to your diet as well.

  • You feel discouraged and sad

Excess pandemic stress can result in feelings of sadness and depression. One of the best ways to remedy the same is through meditation and journaling. Both the habits will help you release stress and count on your blessings, which will fill you with an optimistic thought.

These are some of the minor health issues that pandemic stress can result in! However, the guidelines mentioned above will help you to manage the same effectively.