I know many of us are frightened by the ‘pause’.That singular moment when the door between inner peace and inner chaos compels us to make a choice to grasp stillness in its entirety or walk through that door facing the unknown.That singular moment where the possibility of new life can be birthed by our co-creation with the Divine.Or that moment, yes that moment, where we meet death in its many forms staring into our souls, wondering what our next move will be.I know many of us are frightened by the pause.That space inside of us where emotion and thought can have no comprehensible boundary and wreak havoc with how we see ourselves in this world.That space inside of us that is so quiet we can hear the screams of our ancestors and those who will walk the path for us in the future.Or is it that space where our sense of being is destined by the gods in ways we don’t understand yet, and in knowing so, we become fearful of trusting.I know many of us are frightened by the pause. The pause has helped me navigate these life giving waters. these thoughts and emotions rippled with currents of the Divine.Without it, life would not exist as we know it.Embrace the pause. Respect the pause.Pray for that pause to find you even when you cannot find it within yourself.