Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting stage in the lives of every to-be parents. But along with that, it is also a period of worry and distress for them. The expecting couple, tend to worry about their pregnancy progress, and try their best to take precautions. These precautions mainly tend to be dietary or related with daily routine. One of the most advised routine changes by gynecologists, is that expecting women, should join pregnancy fitness classes. A brief is given on the types of exercises practiced in these classes, and the overall health effects these classes:

  • Prenatal Yoga:

Yoga is a mostly a mandatory inclusion in pregnancy fitness classes. Yoga tends to relieve tension, elevate mood and even eases the child’s delivery. Many professional fitness institutes have endorsed it in their pregnancy fitness courses, as exercise and stretching are highly important in the early stages of pregnancy. The yoga routines are also a great way for mostly first-time moms to ease their mind and deal with anxiety. The routine, helps the mother, invest her time in an advantageous and stress-relieving routine.

  • Barre:

Barre, is a form of ballet-inspired exercises which include legwork. These exercises are included in pregnancy fitness classes, as the activity helps in maintaining health during the pregnancy stage. This exercise is great for pregnant females, as the routine involves squats which helps in preparing the mother-to-be for the delivery. During the class, professionals train the pregnant women, to stay close to the barre, and retain their balance, while making them perform the squats.

  • Water Aerobics:

Swimming and water exercises are highly advised for pregnant women. Such exercises, help pregnant women prepare for the delivery as water-based aerobic exercises require additional pressure and strength. These exercises are often incorporated into the schedule of pregnancy fitness classes, where the enrollers are taken to the pool at least once a week. These aerobic exercises, help to burn additional calories too and allow a great workout routine too. Pregnant women are advised to take these classes only in the shallow end of the pool!

  • TRX:

TRX is highly important, especially for pregnant women! This exercise helps in taking off resistance from the joints. The pulley system used in this exercise is great for squatting motions, due to which it is perfect to prepare pregnant women for their delivery. These exercises are also performed in pregnancy fitness classes, where women can enroll to maintain their physical health; during their pregnancy stage.

  • Circuit Training:

This is a must perform exercise, for all sorts of people! This training involves an hour’s routine of exercises which combine both cardio and strength. Pregnant women who’ve opted for these in their pregnancy fitness classes will experience strength training, better heart-health, stress reduction and weight management! Many doctors have advised this exercise to pregnant women. However, in the later stages of pregnancy, the use of manual weights is discouraged, and machines are highly advised.