We live in an age of entrepreneurship. The norm in our society, however, is that many of us are employees and have the typical 9-5 job. Oftentimes our 9-5 isn’t aligned with our deepest passions or maybe your 9-5 isn’t really a 9-5 – it’s more like a 9-9. For most, our passions and desires haven’t put food on the table but what if they could? 

Have you, at one point in your life, believed you could monetize a passion then later left that idea to get a “real job?” But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could have both – a 9-5 and a passion business? What is really needed in this tension is a coach that will help to develop your entrepreneurial skills, and also assist with creating a side hustle while still working your 9-5.

This is where Dr. Clarence Lee, Jr. comes in. Dr. Lee is a mastermind when it comes to having a full-time job and running a business at the same time. He is an occupational medicine physician that also runs a reputable, award-winning personal and business development firm (The PERSIST Institute). In the institute he specializes in helping his busy doctors colleagues launch a side-hustle while still practicing medicine. 

Dr. Lee was not born into money. Having financial challenges as a kid, growing up he was extremely motivated to make a stable life for himself and his family. To say that he has accomplished this goal is an understatement. Dr. Lee holds degrees in medicine and business. He is a decorated war veteran with 10 years of service, his last assignment being a flight surgeon in one of the USAF’s most elite squadrons. He also has received several Top 40 under 40 awards, was listed as a Top Healthcare Entrepreneur to Know by Becker’s Hospital Review, and is a recent recipient of the Black Enterprise Modern Man Award. 

After deploying several times and spending countless months away from home serving his country, Dr. Lee pivoted into occupational medicine in order to be more present with his family. Having less of a grueling schedule flying, he had more time to grow his business while protecting personal time. 

As Dr. Lee’s business grew, he created an online component to the PERSIST Institute to help doctor-preneurs develop personally in order to better serve their business. PERSIST Institute includes a mastermind component to help clients surround themselves with a community of others who are working hard to build their own business. PERSIST Institute focuses heavily on helping clients position themselves on and off-line as an expert in their field. As clients progress through the program, they get 1-on-1 Purpose-Focused coaching to directly assist with growing brand awareness and visibility. 

Dr. Lee has a deep-rooted desire to help doctors become owners, not just employees. Having multiple streams of income is empowering – and Dr. Lee as the PERSISTence coach helps equip you with the skills and mindset to keep going after your dreams. He has written two books, is a columnist for several publications, and speaks all over the world helping others develop not only as business owners but also personally.

If you are a busy physician that wants guidance in starting your side-hustle even while practicing medicine, connect with Dr. Lee on all social media platforms @DrClarenceLeeJr. You can also request coaching and learn more on his website https://www.clarenceleejr.com/coaching