Emotional Eating

Emotional eating or mindless eating is a common response to emotional situations. In such individuals, once their emotion is triggered, they move directly to the refrigerator, pantry, or a restaurant to soothe their negative thoughts.

How many times have you munched an entire pack of chips mindlessly after a stressful day? It is easy to develop bad eating habits due to negative emotions. This type of eating disorder usually does not have any self-control; hence it is not easy to stop amidst the guilt one may develop after eating this way.

A healthy approach to life is of the utmost importance, so we are helping you with the best fitness expert – Parambodyfitmind approved strategies that can take you towards mindful living.

6 Ways to Fight and Win over Emotional Eating

Excessive mindless eating isn’t a way to deal with emotions. Today, emotional eating is a legit issue that affects both sexes. However, a study proves that women get more indulged in emotional eating than men. An online female fitness coach can serve not just as a trainer for also as an inspiration.

Here are a few pro tips to get over it. Now is the time to deal with this problem before it’s too late. Let’s get started.

1. Start at the Roots

The trick here is to be aware of how mindless eating works for you. Being an unconscious habit, it needs to be tracked and taken control of. Keep a log of your eating habits and see what triggers you to run to the refrigerator. Once you have tracked your behavior and consumption of food, the latter towards improving it will be easy.

2. Works Towards Other Stress Relieving Techniques

Did you know about the hormone that’s produced in your body when you are dealing with stress? Well, CORTISOL is the name and it is responsible for all your sweet and savory cravings.

Falling a prey of your own stress will bring you no good except for excessive fats. At the right time, it is crucial to gain habits that aids in relieving stress.

I listen to music when in stress, my other mates have developed different habits such as – painting, yoga, talk to a friend, mindful meditation, and even swimming.

Gain awareness about your own body, the solution isn’t far away.

3. What are some alternative food items to try?

Can’t stop your cravings to take over your mind even now? Don’t worry you can still indulge in food but with a healthier approach.

Here is a completely new menu for you.

  1. Swipe out chips and try indulging in veggies.
  2. Bite into a piece of dark chocolate instead of cream-filled pastries.
  3. Drink fruit juice and skip all the fizzy drinks.
  4. Exchange the ice-cream with chia seed pudding.

4. Positive Behavior and Self Talk

Step up your game and give yourself some positive talk. If you are having a bad day then opt to take a long bath with essential oils or even bath bombs. Take a peaceful walk in the evening, come back, and indulge in some healthy dinner.

If the food is not enough filling for you then make a bowl of creamy veggie soup. This should be enough to fill you for the night.

5. Stock up on Stress Fighting Food

While working on your emotional eating, it is important that you keep food and groceries on the check. You can trash or giveaway the greasy chips packets, processed meat and other dairy goods, chocolate, ice-cream, wafers, and more so.

Try reaching out for meals packed with beans, pulses, lean meat, quinoa, brown rice, veggies, and fruits. This will crave your hunger and keep you going for a long time.

For snack time stock up on berries, dark chocolates, almonds, cut veggies to have alongside hummus, green tea, and home-made noodles.

5. Get Help

Do you accept and love your body? If your answer is no then this could be the reason for your excessive overeating. Negativity and shame towards your body can have a huge impact on your diet. After a prolonged period of self-negativity, you don’t eat for nutrition, it simply becomes a way to deal with your inner shame towards your body. If you see yourself dealing with body insecurity then a right person can come as a great rescue.

During this period try talking to a nutritionist or get therapy. See a dietitian or nutritionist who already has great experience in health and fitness and plan on interesting activities to keep yourself distracted.

A Message to Remember Forever

Pay attention to your body. At the end of the day, whatever good your in taking will show. Make healthy food choices. If your problem is too serious then seek help from friends, family, or a professional health and fitness expert.

It’s your life and it deserves to be led in the best way possible.