I was always taught to dress to impress.  It didn’t matter if you were running to the grocery store or going out on the town, you should always look nice. Of course, the times I went to run an errand in sweats, I would always run into someone I knew; ex-boyfriend, boss or someone I hadn’t seen in ages.

Studies show when you look good, you feel good. I recently went through my closet and tried everything on. If I didn’t feel fabulous in the outfit, I donated it to charity. That covered the spectrum of clothes from athleisure to fancy to loungewear to work clothes. I have a favorite sweatshirt and comfy pants that are so old they would be considered vintage but they bring make me feel cozy so they stay.

The clothes don’t necessarily need to be expensive, they just need to make you feel fabulous.  I know some people never repeat their outfits; I’m not one of them. I have my favorites and I wear them again and again. I mean you wouldn’t only have your favorite meal once, would you?

I’ve also noticed, when I dress up, people notice me and start talking to me. Is it the outfit or the confident vibe it brings me? Probably both. When you feel at your best, it brings you into your highest vibration.  That is what makes you magnetic to others. 

So, go through you closet, throw on the outfit that makes you feel fabulous and step out in confidence! 

Feel free to email and let me know how it goes; [email protected]


  • Donna M McGovern

    Events and Lifestyle Management

    Donna has over 15 years experience as an Event Planner and Lifestyle Manager working with UHNW individuals, celebrities and corporations. Her work has provided her the opportunity to travel the world. She loves to travel and share her fabulous experiences through her writing and Instagram @awaywithdonna. Donna has also written for The Hedonist Magazine. Contact information: awaywithdonna.com or email [email protected]