Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Leo Buscaglia


How do we show respect? Is admiration, gratitude, trust, and appreciation too hard to give? What is the most generous act that you can do for another human being?

Appreciation! There is Power in it: Such a simple act, but it has the power to change a life! Do you remember that last time someone said something great about you, do you remember how it made you feel? It is a beautiful feeling, and we all can create the same feeling in others. It creates a positive, magic emotion that is as contagious as the measles!


I live with three girls, my wife, and two daughters.

One thing I learned is that girls take time to get ready before they go out! I was walking today in the streets, and I saw different kinds of woman: young, old, middle age. They all look nice, or well dressed, some fashionable, some sporty, and I got thinking, that they all made an effort to look good, and I hoped they would get a compliment at home!

When I go out with my wife, she takes her time to get ready and look beautiful! I am always proud of her, and she is always beautiful and courteous and amazing! But sometimes I forget to tell her how good she looks before we get out the door, but when I do, she radiates even more.

My teenage daughters, if they have a meeting with their friends at 6 pm, they start getting ready by 4 pm, and maybe no all teen girls are like that, but they sure are!

I casually mention: isn’t a bit early to get ready? Your meeting is in 2 hours! No answer. 6.20 they are running late, going out the door, one last stop by the mirror for one last check.

Is that vanity? Are they overly concerned about how they look? I don’t think so. They are normal girls, but teens are always conscious about how they look to their peers, and we are all the same.


For us, men, is a bit less time consuming, we need to look fit and clean. A sporting look goes with most of our activities: jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers.

Sometimes we turn into prince charming when we need a Tuxedo, or a suit for a business meeting or special occasion, other than that, just a shave and a shower will do, and sometimes, even a half-grown beard makes us more attractive.


The least we can do is complement each other for all the great things we do! Compliment our wives for how good they look, the excellent dinners they cook, the magnificent home they keep- for their accomplishments in the business world, in education, in art or just solely for being themselves.

Unfortunately, we get so busy, we feel we have no time to say the words that matter, and in the chaotic process of life, we miss out on one of the most rewarding acts of human behavior.

You should compliment your husbands for how great they look, the weight they lost, the business they successfully run, and the sacrifice and love they give.

Compliment your children for every little good thing they do, a compliment for how great they look, how wonderful they are, and how hard they try! The much more in-depth characters that make them different and unique!

Compliment your business partners, clients, co-workers, friends, neighbors! Look for the good in people and let them know!


Compliments give confidence to children and inspiration to adults. It motivates people at work, creates a positive atmosphere at home, increases happiness in your married life, shows respect and admiration!

We should always try to make other people feel appreciated, loved, and relevant! The most profound need in human nature is the craving to be appreciated!

Everyone likes a compliment, and WE do better when our ego receives honest and sincere praise and appreciation.

It is one of the differences between humans and animals. We should be more aware of learning how to nourish the self-esteem of the people around us!

Sometimes we are very good at cooking a meal to feed the bodies of those we love, but we neglect to feed their yearning for acceptance.

Sincere appreciation can change a person’s life. Try it!

Vitin Landivar