Do you think you areSubliminal Guru ready for the big time? I don’t care what area of your life it refers to….love, your career, your social life, finances, spirituality…etc. Are you ready to make that next bold step?

Hold on a second; let me tell you a story that may make you want to rethink things. You see people are a lot like goldfish… It has been said that if you take a goldfish out of a small bowl and put him in a large pond, he will still swim in a small circle. Even though he now has no restrictions and a brand new environment he will continue to limit himself. Are you like that goldfish? In what ways are you set into a certain way of thinking about things.

I have learned that the world is a very big place and there are a lot of right ways to do things. No one truly has a monopoly on the best way to think. Keep these concepts in mind most importantly remember that it’s not important if it is true or false but is it working for you. You see the truth about the goldfish is that he has lots of water to swim in, but that doesn’t matter as long as what he believes is that he only has a small area.

There is another popular story about the bumblebee. You see the bumblebee’s weight is far too much and has a very bad shape in terms or aerodynamics. Studies have been done that prove with the lift provided by the wings of the bumblebee there is not enough force to allow it to fly. Scientifically a bumblebee should never be able to take off from the ground. There is only one problem with all of this.

No one ever told the bumblebee about this problem. The bumblebee flies in spite of its limitations while the goldfish suffers due to his limitations. What matters is that the bumblebee believes he can fly, even though he actually shouldn’t be able to.