Birthdays are powerful days where we can shift our lives in a moment.

What you intend, who you spend your day with and what you do on your birthday matter. 

Birthdays are the moment when the sun returns to the very place it was on the day you were born.

Throughout this 365 day trip around the world, you shift, you expand, you learn, you cry and you grow beyond who you were when you had last met up with the sun in this place.

How you spend your birthday determines who or what you will experience for the next 365 days. 

It is your personal New Year to give gratitude and to set intention in big powerful ways. 

If you want something to come to fruition this year, do that something on your birthday. 

If you want to spend more time with someone this coming year, spend time with that person on your birthday. 

If you are unable to physically accomplish the tasks or see the people you want to see on your birthday, intend it. 

Intention is powerful. 

There is a reason why they call it a birthday wish. 

But you can do more than simply wish. 

When you are connected to your Divine source while intending what you want for your year, powerful things happen. 

Intention is one part of your birthday manifesting.

Allowance is the other.

Birthday intention setting actually begins the week and month before your birthday. 

So many blessings await you in your new year. 

Often, we need to clear what does not serve us in order to receive our blessings and allow the things in our lives that seem to be falling away to do just that…fall away.  

Have you ever noticed that right before your birthday…

  • relationships clear up, uplevel or end 
  • projects wrap up 
  • answers are finally received?

These open-ended Divine tasks need to be completed before your next year begins. 

It’s often a scene straight out of a romantic comedy…

“He broke up with me right before my birthday…”

However as the story unfolds, what happens on that Birthday Hero Journey in the movie? 

She goes on to manifest the life of her dreams. 

The same is true for you.

As your birthday approaches, begin to filter through what serves you and what does not.

If something no longer serves you, allow it to fall away because something so much more amazing is heading your way. 

Enjoy the power of this day! Enjoy connecting with those you love and those you want in your life this year!

Enjoy doing everything you want to bring into your life this year.

Join me for this powerful birthday meditation where we set our intentions for this year to make it your best year yet!!

Birthdays are magical for children and adults.

What was magical as a child becomes even more magical as an adult when you learn how manifest the life of your dreams with one birthday wish. 

Much love,

Not your birthday yet?

That’s OK, save this link on your calendar to return to it to complete it then. Share this with your friends on their birthdays to help them manifest the life of their dreams too.