People bring the highest value in life. I may have realized that a bit late, but today i stand confidently with my experiences on my shoulders valuing what miracles bonding with people do.

Sure, you may think that minding your business, putting your head up high in public while overlooking the crowd around or even ignoring people when you are in an elevator sounds cool and less demanding. Making less eye contact and smile because you think you have better things to do. Or even thinking about how cumbersome it all is to do the complete opposite.

Perhaps the mistake we make is think that we are entitled in life. We think that it is completely irrelevant to ask that person a few cubicles away how they are doing. I mean does it matter to us ? Does it matter to know if the neighbor is alright ? Will that benefit us if, instead of ignoring the people we come across, we genuinely care to make the first move and say a few kind words?

Perhaps we also think that the world is static and that we take everything for granted. Once we get accustomed to our mundane routine, we become oblivious to our surroundings because we do not expect the people around to bestow us with kindness.Or is it fear and sheer laziness that we do not follow kindness and empathy as being the driving forces of the society?

Today, i stand with certainty that saying a simple hello, smiling or displaying some level of empathy does a complete difference.

I think about the people i have known, the people i could have known better and the random ones i pass by everyday but whom i do not even remember the names feeling that they merely fill up the spaces in the stories of our lives. That may sound rude but it feels up some thoughts.

Today, I earnestly believe that bonding, caring and helping around is ultimately beneficial for us. And there is no turning back. It is as simple as coming out of our comfort zones and genuinely caring about the others around us. Bonding is a special gem. Underestimated, but special.