Confidence is key when it comes to selling.

And, since the main purpose of copy is to sell prospects on your offer, you need to be confident in your wording.

The best way that we’ve found to sound confident in our copy is to avoid words like “potentially”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “possibly”, etc.

Think about it, who would you be more interested in doing business with?

Someone who reaches out saying, “Would love to hop on a call to explore partnership opportunities”, or someone saying “Would you potentially be open to discuss possible partnerships?”

The difference seems subtle on the surface, but it’s a major one.

By including these passive filler words, you’re already framing your offer in a negative light.

Prospects don’t want to “maybe” discuss a “potential” partnership, they want to speak with someone confident in their ability to provide value in a partnership.

Reviewing your copy to ensure you sound confident in your offer is a major part of successful copywriting.

In our case, our cold email copy is very short. The entire email consists of a personalized first line and an offer question, for example “Quick question, would you be interested in having us get you sales calls with your ideal prospects on a Pay-Per-Call basis?”

Since our offer question is the “star of the show” in our emails, it’s key that the wording is direct and said with conviction. We aren’t “potentially” getting our clients sales calls, we are getting them sales calls.

Going through your cold outreach or ad copy to make sure your messaging comes off as confident and direct rather than passive and indecisive will go a long way to converting more prospects into happy clients.

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  • Christian Bonnier

    Thrive Global Campus Editor-at-Large from SUNY Binghamton

    I am a freshman at Binghamton University studying Accounting in the School of Management. I also co-host the Real Talk University Podcast where my friend Andre and I interview entrepreneurs to provide insight and advice to our college-aged target audience.