If I could convey to you just one message, it would be this:Whatever you focus on- negative or positive- is what will tend to manifest in your life.

When I was 16 years old, I made the decision to become a lawyer and, from that point on, I focused on that goal even as I battled an eating disorder and low self-esteem. Even when I thought of giving up, I shifted my focus back to my career goal and continued to move in that direction until I finally became a lawyer. My high school classmate Basil Bain did the same. Despite being from a family of 12 children, he followed his dream until he became a board-certified business litigation attorney with his own successful law practice. There are so many things going on in one’s life at any given time, it is easy to get side-tracked. If I had not been focused on my career goal, who knows what I would have become. My friend Dean Lomax from England is another person who has truly demonstrated the power of mental focus. When I first met Dean in 2008, he was a teenager with his sights set on becoming a professional paleontologist.  Dean not only achieved that goal, he is now a multi-award-winning paleontologist and author. What he focuses on has materialized and continues to materialize in his life. 

It is important to understand that this concept does not just apply to career goals. That was obviously true because, even after I achieved my own career goal, I focused on what I felt was missing in my life and my worry, doubt and fear created even more negativity.

There are plenty of motivational books out there that will tell you to think positively in order to draw good things into your life. I love books that convey that message. We can never hear it enough because it is very true. However, when your mind is not focused, it tends to drift from one thought to another and usually ends up focused on something negative, which makes it very difficult for anything positive to manifest in your life. That is certainly what happened to me and why I was caught in a vicious cycle of negativity.

In 2005, however, I stumbled into a rock shop and bought a little dinosaur tooth that would change my life forever. My interest in that fossil awakened my passion for paleontology and set me on a life-long quest for adventure.

Instead of focusing on what I felt was missing in my life, I began focusing on learning more about the exciting field of paleontology. I also began thinking of ways to share my new passion with others. I did not have to force myself to think positively, it happened naturally as I pursued something I was genuinely excited about. And the more I focused on positive and productive thoughts, I began manifesting positive things in my life by making new friends, increasing my knowledge, and building my educational display. I even discovered a talent for sculpting I did not know I had. One thing is for sure, if I would have never focused on paleontology, I would not have the knowledge, the amazing collection or many of the wonderful friends I have now. By the same token, if I would have continued to focus on negative thoughts, I would have continued to draw more negativity into my life. 

So, what are YOU focused on? Make sure it is something positive you are excited about and share with others. Your positive thoughts and enthusiasm will produce positive energy which will draw the best things possible into your life!