The Coronavirus health pandemic has affected so many in various ways. Unfortunately, few could have predicted this awful health pandemic that has hurt so many lives, and even led to mass fatalities across the globe. Beyond the detrimental and in some cases fatal health consequences the pandemic has wrought, it has also brought horrible economic consequences in many areas.

For example, due to the safeguards that many governments have rightfully imposed concerning social distancing, all aspects of the entertainment and hospitality industries have been the subject of severely adverse financial consequences. That means employers having had to subject their staff to lay-offs en-masse, in many cases. With less revenue available to them, for many this has not been an option – but unfortunately, a necessity and reality of the current conditions.

But there is so much that we as part of the human race can do to make a positive impact. Indeed, the generosity of human spirit is one that motivates the desire to want to help and assist those in need. It’s in times of peril, when this generosity of spirit is especially challenged. But it’s during these challenging times, that it is especially incumbent upon us to stand up for our fellow Mexicans, and people worldwide.

Of course, making contributions to people do not only have to come in the form of financial or monetary contributions. On the contrary, some would argue that it’s even more meaningful when one does more than simply write a check. That’s not to belittle the value of financial philanthropy. There’s no question that it can be amazingly impactful.

But there’s also something equally if not even more valuable, in expending and investing one’s time, energy and other resources into assisting those in need. During these economically depressed conditions, many have had reservations about the ways in which they can help their fellow man during these times. Here are a few ideas that are worthy of consideration.

  1. Volunteering One’s Time: This can come in many forms. Whether it means volunteering one’s time in a soup-kitchen or a food pantry on behalf of those that are in need of help with nourishment, or whether it means volunteering one’s time with various social programs, this can be enormously helpful.
  2. Contributing a Skill: Many have unique skills that are indeed invaluable. Why not utilize them to the benefit of society and those that have been hurt most by this pandemic?
  3. Education: Many young people are now in the position of having to either be precluded from attending school, or instead be home-schooled. Educators can provide an invaluable service by helping to supplement these efforts with rigorous educational services.

These are just a few ideas of different ways people can indeed make a meaningful difference in the lives of those that have been struck in these perilous times, economically and otherwise. There’s no question the generosity of spirit that lies within each and every human being, is extraordinary. It’s now up-to us to rise to the challenge of leveraging it , during these uniquely challenging times.