In a world where everything is accessible at our fingertips, are we losing our human touch?  

I’m a rabid exponent of emails, texts and digital messaging, and that’s ok. It is how we communicate, it’s how we interact with the world and each other. 

In fact, my gratitude for this online space and social media could not be fuller, now that I run my successful online business from anywhere in the world. 

But what happened to good old face to face? It still exists and should co-exist with the digital space. Like a dance, the two should swing side by side – see-saw with each other – and when one weighs too heavy, the other should balance it out.  

Real people meeting other real people in ‘real life’ gives us richer experiences and deeper connections that can’t be explained. Experiences and connections that last, friendships that are forged that are felt much more than through the cables and 4G of your chosen internet provider. 

A smile that can’t be translated to text message.

A laugh that can be felt through the walls but not Whatsapp.

A mutual appreciation that can’t be sent through Messenger.

A show of support in a room that can’t be liked by a thumbs up.

In the age where digital nomads are the norm, and every other person is an online entrepreneur by curating a lifestyle edit through an Instagram story; a real meeting somewhere should be happening somewhere to equal out this real/digital life see-saw.  

The trick is to get out from behind your desk once in a while and go meet some people.

Go to an event, a conference, meet and old friend for coffee, help a neighbour out, chat to a shopkeeper or make a real new friend at the gym – there are hidden connections everywhere. Only then the true power of human connection can be made and then rekindled and reconnected through the digital space.   

I’d love to hear your digital / real life see-saw story – have you been to an offline event that changed how you interact in the digital world?