We’ve all seen the headlines — this service will bring puppies to your workplace to relieve stress, or take your office here to play with adoptable cats. Pets have the power to make our stress disappear, and having pets in the workplace can help us to achieve greater balance between work life and home life. People are working longer hours than at any time in recent history, and having a pet policy in the workplace can help keep employees happier and more engaged.

Dogs Help Our Health

Dogs are our best friends, but they also help us to live healthier lives. According to WebMD, dog owners are often healthier because they walk more than non dog owners. Being around dogs also causes us to release relaxation hormones, which can help to keep stress at bay. Dogs help us forge deeper relationships, both with pets and with other people, and can often help us overcome social anxiety by being an icebreaker for talking to new people.

Benefits Of Pets In The Office

A long time ago it would have been unheard of to take your dog to the office, but times are changing. People are looking for a balance between work and life, and long hours mean having to make difficult choices about whether to have a pet at all. Flexibility in the workplace means more pets, which means better health.

But that’s not all. According to Business Insider, pets in the office are a growing trend in the United States and abroad. They found 75 job listings in The Netherlands on LinkedIn that mentioned office dogs, but even in the United States office cats or office dogs are more common than ever. What’s more, people experience less stress when a dog is around and they are also more productive and creative. Taking the office dog for a walk is also a much healthier break than grabbing a burger.

Create An Office Pet Policy

You don’t have to have an office cat full time to enjoy the benefits of having pets in the workplace. People often have dogs sitting at home pining for their best friends to get home, and it just makes sense to allow people to bring their dogs to work with them.

You’ll have to set some rules in place to ensure everyone is happy and safe:

  • Ensure there are pet-free zones, such as the office kitchen
  • Pets should be up to date on vaccines and in generally good health
  • Pets should be clean and groomed to avoid allergic reactions
  • Owners should keep pets confined reasonably or on a lease
  • Clean up after accidents immediately
  • Dogs with behavior problems or frequent accidents should go home immediately

Pet Policies Are Good For Business

Employees who have access to pets or who can bring their own pets will be happier and more engaged at work. Customers might also like to bring pets along to your business, and having a framework in place for that can also have benefits. Learn more about the power of pets in the workplace from the infographic below.