December 3, 2019, is Giving Tuesday.  It’s a global day of giving, that follows a global day of buying – Black Friday.

There’s of course nothing wrong with buying gifts for friends and family (or yourself!) on Black Friday.  Giving Tuesday, or #GivingTuesday on social media, is simply a day to also remind us of what the season (and giving to others) truly means.

Most everyone wants the world to be a better place.  We volunteer throughout the year, or give money as donations, or think about doing those things.  We mostly want to help other people, and to do good.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and we get too busy to volunteer.  We get too busy to remember to make the donations we think about.  Or maybe, we’re already struggling so much ourselves, financially, or balancing work and kids, or emotionally, that doing something for others gets set on the back burner for a minute.

We’re still great people, with great motivations.  We still want to help others, even if we don’t have the time, money, or energy.

Giving Tuesday is a day where it’s super simple to make a difference, no money required.  Of course, you can make a donation to your favorite charity, if you have a few dollars to spare.  But even if you don’t, you can still help #changetheworld.

If you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media, consider mentioning your favorite nonprofit or cause to your friends.  A simple, “Hi everyone!  This #GivingTuesday I want to share my favorite organization, @ABCNonprofit, because they do amazing work!” possibly with a link to their page, is enough to create awareness for your cause that didn’t exist before.  Bravo!  You just created positive change.

You can also volunteer, if you have the time.  Volunteering makes nonprofits flourish.  Even an hour of your time is incredibly valuable.  Perhaps you could get a friend or two to join you for a fun, free adventure at your favorite local charity (there are many things you can do remotely online or otherwise if you cannot physically volunteer, too).  You will definitely feel good afterward, and the nonprofit will be ecstatic that you cared.

Another option is to do an online Facebook fundraiser on social media, for a small amount, and not have to give money yourself but still facilitate money getting to your favorite charity.  The point of Giving Tuesday is that millions – maybe billions – of small, thoughtful actions, when combined together, can create massive, global impact.

Or, you can do simple things like sign a petition for something you care about on, or pick up trash while walking your dog.  You can give an honest review for a local business you love, paint rocks with positive quotes and leave them in fun places for people to discover, or tip your server 30%.

Giving Tuesday is all about tiny, almost unnoticeable actions.  Sure, you can do something big – please do if you want!  But a billion tiny actions like volunteering, donating a few cents, or sharing a cause with friends, adds up.

And the spirit of #GivingTuesday is embracing all of the creative, tiny, thoughtful actions that one by one, create a big impact.

Whatever you can do, is enough to help create change!  Even being happy and grateful is a positive, thoughtful action that will make you, and others, smile.  And every smile – especially if passed on to others – makes the world a happier, more positive place to be.

Enjoy Giving Tuesday in whatever way(s) work best for you!

Do you have favorite #GivingTuesdayIdeas? Please share in the comments, and/or tag me @CharityIdeas with you ideas as well!


  • Amy Neumann

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    Amy Neumann is a social good and technology fanatic who has been creating positive change for over two decades.  With a focus on blockchain and AI, she is a social impact entrepreneur who founded a startup nonprofit called Resourceful Nonprofit - formerly Free Tech for Nonprofits (and its subsidiary, Technology Inclusion) to help nonprofits do more of their important work faster while being inclusive as well as proactive about diversity and equity.  She is also CEO and principal of the social enterprise consultancy, Good Plus Tech, with a focus on leveraging emerging technologies and smart communication strategies to solve global social impact challenges. Amy speaks often, at places like Dell’s Social Innovation Conference, ASU’s Sustainability Conference, NTEN events, Blockland Solutions, nonprofit events, and universities.  She is widely published, including as a contributor to Forbes, an author of PR News’ Crisis Management Guidebook, and a columnist for the Huffington Post.  Because she can’t get enough of innovative world-changers, Amy also publishes on her passion project site, Amy’s 2018 Simon & Schuster book, “Simple Acts to Change the World: 500 Ways to Make a Difference,” is a tribute to the many great ideas she’s discovered on the topics of social good, social justice, equity, technology for good, and volunteering through her work and philanthropy.