The power of social responsibility in any size company, is a great way to show employees, partners and customers that you care.

Implementing empathy & sensitivity to local communities and to social cause projects could impact your business in a very positive way.

If you are a coherent and authentic leader, embracing a field which resonant with your culture and branding could highlight the values of your company, make you stand out, and give you a competitive advantage.

By the end of the day, companies thrive because employees, partners and customers trust their products, services, solutions and coherence of implementing their values.


I am Avigail Berg-Panitz – wellness expert, social entrepreneur and owner of TheSoundWell.

I invite you to participate in our project – SilentSoundSpace To Recharge Vitality and Reduce Stress in a public place – A municipality project.

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In time of uncertainty and anxiety in the community, lets end the stress mess