Storytelling has been used through the centuries to pass on history and to entertain at the same time. We still use storytelling to help children learn valuable skills and lessons from the time they start school. It’s only natural that this method of teaching is being adapted to help children learn about the ongoing pandemic. Here are a few storytelling tools that are helping teachers and parents educate children about Covid-19.

Virtual Storytelling Events

In the past, sharing copyrighted content online was strictly regulated and, for the most part, that’s still the case. However, many publishers and authors are coming together to allow teachers to read their children’s books in virtual storytelling sites. Whether doing a live stream on a social media site, such as Facebook, or reading a story in a video conference call on an app like Zoom, teachers can now read stories to students anywhere in the world.

Explaining Frightening Events

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a number of restrictions that are frustrating and confusing to children. However, using stories to explain why social distancing, mask wearing, and other restrictions are necessary will make it easier for young minds to understand. In making this information age appropriate, these children’s stories help alleviate most of that childhood fear. As a result, young children find it easier to cope with new rules.

Writing Original Stories is Therapeutic

You should also encourage your children to write their own stories and to draw pictures to accompany those stories. This helps them explore their own feelings and thoughts about the changes the pandemic has brought about. It will also help you as a parent by providing a more concrete understanding of your children’s pandemic experience. Using the information your children provide in the stories and pictures will help you address the issues that are really troubling your kids.

Using stories to educate children is one of the most effective ways of teaching. This is why telling your kids stories that include important information about the Covid-19 pandemic is helping prepare them and protect them. Since young kids are more likely to adopt practices that their favorite fictional characters employ, telling stories ensures your kids will follow important rules that will keep them safer against infection.