The practice of tithing is usually associated with a religious doctrine and so is the source of some controversy. Different Christian churches argue for and against whether we should or should not be obliged to pay tithes depending on their interpretation of scriptures.

Those hostile say that tithes and offerings should be freely given and not be made under obligation, and tithing is sometimes regarded as one of the peculiarities of such churches as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or some New Age ideology.

Obviously it is mentioned in the bible. When we pay an honest tithe, God promises to “open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” (Malachi 3:10).
But how does it apply in the context of improving your quality of life and why and how can it work for you….

What is Tithing?

Paying tithing is an an expression of an abundance mentality – a recognition that the Universe is infinite, as opposed to scarcity (Scare City!) thinking. It is an outward sign of your faith and belief that the universe is able to provide for your needs. That is perhaps particularly poignant in these extraordinary times and a statement that you are confident you will survive the economic fallout of the Global Pandemic!

The word “Tithe” derives from an old English word meaning “one-tenth”, and tithing is commonly accepted to mean one-tenth of you annual increase, or income, usually calculated on the gross amount.

You would usually pay it to where you feel closest to “the source”. That may be to charity or to a good cause or organisation that you see benefits people, or the world, altruistically. Most often it is paid to the source of your spiritual guidance, such as a church, synagogue or spiritual teacher.

It is best to pay as you earn – when the money comes in, work out the tithing and pay it straight away. Otherwise you fall behind. You can treat it as a financial commitments just the same as paying rent or a mortgage. Mentally that is how I choose to view it -–the rental on all the resources created and provided for me and my family!

How And Why Does It Work?

Well if you don’t believe in the spiritual mumbo-jumbo side of it all then committing to paying a tithe may well make you do something you hadn’t done before – budget! If you are going to pay 10% of your income to a cause or a church then you will first need to account for what money you are getting in to work out how much you pay out. Taking on such a commitment should promote fiscal responsibility – an awareness of where you money comes and goes, and with it a sense of what is actually giving you value rather than just being frittered away. Simply having a sensible approach to, and relationship with, money will foster long term prosperity in and of itself.

The practice of “give’s gain” or “paying it forward” are acknowledged by many in business who recognise that what you give out freely will come back to you increased. In terms of the Law of Attraction when a person tithes, the universe, working under universal principles, says that if you have much to give, and are willing to give, that means you are open to receive more.

How Does Paying Tithing Benefit Us?

Paying tithing is a recognition that we are all interconnected and interdependent. You cannot to create any amount of wealth just by your own efforts. Even an artist needs the raw materials for paint or to sculpture, and an author needs pen and paper. Tithing is recognizing the contributions that others have made to your success and expressing appreciation and gratitude for all that we have.

You recognize that you aren’t the source of wealth, and you aren’t at the end. You are in the middle. If you let some of the wealth you receive flow through you, and on, then it will ensure that you remain part of the flow.
Tithing is also a check on your attitude to money. – Do you covet money? Are you greedy, selfish and self-centred?

I am not saying that if you don’t pay tithing you are all those things, but certainly if you DO pay tithing it is very difficult at the same time to have a bad attitude towards money. You can respect it and esteem it without lusting for it or worshipping it.

Paying tithing though does not work like an ATM. We pay it, then Kerrchinngg…! we get even more back. It is about our relationship with money and the Universe, and any such relationship may be complex. Paying tithing cannot be used as a tool to “force” some monetary reward out of God or the universe. Tithing has to be given with a generous and open heart rather than begrudgingly.

In fact we are happiest and in our element when we are freely giving and trying to make other people’s live better. So in that respect we also benefit from paying tithing.

If your business is stagnant and you are not tithing it could be an idea to add this part of the flow to your giving and receiving.

Just DO IT and see what comes back!

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