Yesterday my sister and I went on a fabulous hike called Joffre Lake located in the Joffre Lake Provincial Park.

I was up at the bright hour of 4:30 am picked up my sister and her and I were on the trail at around 8:00ish.

We have been blessed to be on this trail many many times. The day was almost perfect. A cool day with some sun and clouds hovering over us.

The trail is comprised of 3 lakes. The first lake is literally only a few minutes away from the beginning of the trail. We crossed a bridge where the surge of the overflow of the lake took place.

This part of the trail is beautiful. Simple and not challenging at all.

Then we begin to climb. A bit of a levels off. Then the trail changes. A vertical climb with a complex trail. Rocks are exposed and this is where the hard work takes place.

Then the clearing ahead makes one yearn to reach the climax of this part, as the 2nd lake is just around the corner. Yeah!!! The work is done.

We continue and within minutes were arrive at the final summit lake.

We take a few photos, come back down to the second lake, had a snack, and made our way back to the trailhead.

Here’s the lesson of will.

As we were descending the trail became very very very busy. We encountered people that were in their zone, even the little children with their parents helping them. Then we encountered the people who had lost their will to complete the task of reaching their initial desire to see the upper lakes. They would often ask “how far?” But one could see it in their eyes if they carried that desire and will to complete the task.

The biggest advice is : It doesn’t matter how long. It’s one foot in front of the other. Go at your own pace and you will get there.

This is the power of Will.

My sister had an awesome thought on the trail. “It’s just you and the mountain. That’s all.” It’s the same in life.

A.C. Biedermann