When it comes to problems, no one is immune. We all have them. Your education can’t prevent them. Your bank account won’t stop them from appearing. Your support system can’t keep them away from you.

If you ask, most people will say they wish they didn’t have any problems. They wish their problems would go away. They don’t like problems. Be careful what you wish for! The only people without problems are dead!

The problem with problems is how you view them. Those wishing they would go away or not exist to begin with try to avoid problems or worse, ignore them. You must learn to embrace problems! Let me explain.

When you begin to evaluate problems and why everyone has them, you can see problems really are a measuring stick for where you are in life. Every time you can overcome a problem, you grow and prepare yourself for the next problem.

As you look back in life, you’ll see that what were once “big” problems are now easy to solve. Early in life you struggled with walking and getting “potty trained.” Having solved those problems, you no longer think about either one. When you began school, the “problem” was addition. As soon as you solved it, you moved onto subtraction, then multiplication and division.

Since elementary school, you’ve faced many problems that you have gone on to solve and no longer think about them as you perform them on a regular basis. With each “graduation” your problems (and ability to solve them) show you where you have progressed to in life.

In relationships, when you have “problems” with someone, let’s say it’s communicating and working together. Once you figure out how to listen better and be clearer with your expectations, it’s likely the relationship improves. Even more importantly, you are now better equipped the next time you run into a relationship problem.

Whenever you have a problem, it’s a sign that something needs to change. If you have more month than you do money, your problem is telling you to curb your expenses and/or to increase your income.

When the problem involves a relationship, it’s a sign you need to improve the way you communicate and interact with others or maybe it’s a sign the relationship is toxic and you need to get away from the individual.

In the workplace, every time you can solve a problem, you increase your value to your employer. Someone that can answer phones solves a small problem. When the employee can learn to use the computer, then help with supply orders, learns how to process accounts payable and receivables, continues to add value and merits wage increases.

Problems demonstrate your abilities. The bigger problems you can solve equates to bigger checks!

So how do you get better at solving problems? The same way you get better at anything. Practice, practice, practice! Seek out problems. Ask to take on more with your employer. Try new things with your employees. Embrace problems as opportunities. Face each problem as a challenge, an opportunity to show your skills, to grow and learn. Recognize there will be growing pains. There will be bumps along the way. Accept them as part of the process. Try, try, and try again!

Avoidance and ignoring problems will not help. This will only delay your growth and cost you relationships and the fulfillment of your dreams.

If you think about COVID-19 and the issue around wearing masks. All of us have heard the same stories. Some people look at wearing a mask as an inconvenience. Others look at wearing them as life preserving. Others look at the potential for income and began making them for sale. Everyone has the same information. How we look at the information determines how we respond.

In every situation, there is opportunity. When there is an accident on the freeway, along with those being injured and cars destroyed, there are ambulance drivers getting paid, hospital workers earning their pay, as well as autobody shops and tow truck drivers.

Even in death, while families grieve the loss of a loved one, ministers, mortuaries and cemeteries are getting paid for their services.

Some individuals complain that they must pay more in taxes. Instead of looking at higher taxes as a problem, it’s better to see that you are making more money!

What are your problems telling you? Are you growing and taking on bigger and bigger problems? Are you seeing the increase in value you have to offer with each new problem you can solve?

Are you battling with the same problem? If you’re still struggling with the same problem for years, you’re missing the sign that you need to do something different. Maybe you need to change careers, go back to school, start working for yourself instead of someone that doesn’t appreciate you. Maybe you need a different relationship, one that will appreciate your qualities instead of constantly identifying your deficiencies.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

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