Nowadays every person is been using technology in everything. It is growing in a rapid way. The most use of technology is done in the business sectors, companies, and offices. The fast forward technologies have been changing the workplace as it makes the work fast and convenient. The technologies in the business like computers, tablets, social networks have helped much in the working section. The technical world has been moving in a rapid way. This has helped the working sector a lot. But we cannot forget the fact that every coin has two sides. The technology has also pro’s and con’s. Let us talk about the pro’s and con’s of technology in the workplace. Technology has its own sides of advantages and disadvantages in the workplace.

Pro’s of technology in the workplace:

1.    Technology improves communication:

Workplaces using technologies is helping to change the way employees interact and communicate while working. Many of the employees use various communication tools to interact with the exchange information at work. Employees can communicate by interacting through text messaging services or video calls. Virtual communication also helps to share projects while in different departments. It can also be used in group decision making. Communication technology has a great part in the customer service department to serve customers on time.

2.    Technology encourages creativity:

Technology helps to create new innovative ideas that help in the business sector. It helps in the growth of business and expansion. Creative ideas help to grow business and technology is a boon to it. With the use of internet technology employees can come up with innovative ideas. Employees can use internet technology to promote business. It also helps in encouraging brainstorming on various work-related issues.

3.    Technology improves Human Resource Management

The technology helps in changing the ways of human resource management to perform their work. Technology helps to improve the process of screening, recruiting and hiring new employees. It also helps with recruiting and hiring new employees. The candidates who apply for the job can submit their resumes to human resource management. It helps to save time as the selection process becomes easier. Technology also helps in tracking down the performance and productivity of the employees at work.

4.    Technology helps in saving time

It can be used to automate various work projects. Using technology for automation will bring out the efficiency that will help to increase production at work. It helps in using databases that help in storing information that can facilitate quick decision. The use of internal networks helps in sharing information with the other departments of the workplace. It also helps in sharing the workload.

5.    Technology helps in creates mobility:

Technology helps to eliminated space and time boundaries. Technology has made life easier for the employees as they can stay in control of their jobs. The technology helps in saving time, and the mobility making the employee stay in control. The technical tools help to save time as meetings can be done through technical tools.

Here we are that we came to know about the technical pro’s that helps the employees in the workplace. But there are also some disadvantages that affect the employees in the workplace.

Con’s of technology in the workplace:

In this section, we will look out for the con’s that technology affects the quality of work of an employee. In the above section, we have learned that technology helps in many ways in the workplace.

1.    Technology can distract at work:

Sometimes technical tools distract the employees at their workplace. The employees start to use the social network site that affects the productivity of the employees. The workplace gets distracted due to smart-phones, laptops and virtual meeting applications like Skype.

2.    Technology has high maintenance costs:

Technology affects in the costing part. Sometimes it becomes costly to maintain it. Many workplaces cannot afford the cost of technical tools. If the computers are not maintained properly then it can affect the performances of the workplace. It can stop the work and bring a loss in the business.

3.    Technology makes a person lazy

We know that technology helps in automating all the technical work. This makes employees lazy at work and kills their creativity skills. Most of the time to make the work easy employees perform their simple tasks through technical devices. This stops the brain work of the employees at the workplace.

So now we have come to our last part where we have learned about the pros and con’s of a technical world. It does help in many ways but it can also affect the quality work of a person. Technology has made the lives of the people a lot easier. It now depends on us how we can use it. Technology is smart it now depends how we can be smarter in using them by not affecting the work quality.