The word passion stems from Latin, and is defined as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

For a few, these passions are discovered in childhood years and continue into prominent careers with exceptional lifestyles. For the rest of us, we set out on a journey to learn our passions as we discover ourselves. Coupled with talents and skill sets, balanced across relationships and societal norms; this adventure is incredibly challenging as we identify our strengths from areas of improvement.

Discovering my true passion was not a quick and simple process. I even silenced my dreams for the sake of following the guidelines of “making it” set by my parents and school administrators. As I embraced personal development over the past decade, I had to break away from the expectations of others.

It took time to reflect and plan how to prioritze what was important to the truest part of ME. I also chose find a balance of respect to those around me, but ultimately, I was the only one that was going to live my life and it had to be done with no regrets.

We identify as parent, partner, employee, boss, team member, or individual. We each work hard to achieve the common goal of providing the best experience for ourselves or others. The desire for success or a sense for purpose is in our very nature. Balanced with gratitude for previous experiences, there is no issue with taking action to reach your goals. Productivity increases when there is a plan and the appropriate tools are in place. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, productivity and determination became a correlation to the word hustle.

Hustle means obtained by forceful action or busy movement. By definition, that’s not the ideal lifestyle. Forceful activity is not an upstanding way to make a living. Busyness is not the brand reputation to grow along with a business. This word hustle, eventually creates burnout and in turn destroys all the dreams we each work for diligently.

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~Gail Devers

Dreams and goals need action to be manifested. True and lasting success does not come from hustle, but belief in oneself. Decide to define our ambition and efforts in a positive light. Live a life filled with elegance and enrichment. Enjoy each moment, knowing your victory didn’t stem from another’s defeat.

We were created to build and thrive. Designed to love and share with others. We are the beings that enable progress and sustain energy. There are so many reasons for why we are here; yet many seem to question their purpose day after day.

Create the time to explore. Find who you want to be. Identify your passions. Develop a plan. Take action. Design your future. At no point was perfection ever a requirement. The goal is to seek and find each discovery as a tool to help you along the journey of life. Our divine connection with God helps us to take on new adventures.

There are many opportunities to prepare for one’s purpose. We can study, practice and network my way through life. Technology says we can connect with every corner of the world or even those across our backyard. Instead of being a melting pot, it’s been said that America is more closely related to a salad bowl. We all have different traditions, languages, and roles in society. The traits that make us the most unique, are also what make us the most special.

We were each created with a purpose. Sharing our talents and experiences with those around us gives inspiration for others to do the same. The cycle of hospitality and openness spreads from one neighborhood to the next. This fosters more conversations, stronger relationships and peaceful environments. Pursue your passions. Unlock your success. It’s the reason you were created.