“The greatest events of our lives — they are not our loudest but our stillest hours” — Nietzsche

The world is a noisy place, unwanted sounds from the traffic, gossips of the neighbors, chattering of the family, demands at work.Find an escape,
find a quite place, lock yourself in a room or go to a mountain top.The calmness that engulfs your surroundings, there’s still no silence, you could hear three distinct sounds when you are truly silent of the external noises, the sounds of your heartbeat, musings of your mind and your breathing, but this time all the noises originated from within us.

Given a chance would you go to a party, with loud music and drinking alcohol or would you enjoy a wine on the mountain top watching the sunset?

A 4th century Chinese political high ranking official Tao Yuanming choose to drink wine, He surrendered his position at court, moved to the country side to farm the land, make wine and live life writing.

On drinking wine, a poem, he recounts the riches poverty brought him.
Plucking chrysanthemums from the eastern edge,
I gaze into the distance at the southern mountain, 
the mountain air is refreshing at sunset,
As the flocking birds are returning home,
In such things we find true meaning ,
but when I try to explain,
I can’t find the words.

I don’t ask you all to leave your careers and move to mountains, but I would certainly request you all to take some time each day to reflect, your choices, your decisions, your workings and your emotions in silence.

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