Revenge Spell

Speaking of why people want to seek revenge, first of all we should forget those childish excuses we make up for ourselves, like “He said that…”, “She made fun of me…”, “I did that but she said I was wrong…”. According to, these are all just excuses and are never the real reason why we want to get revenge. The real reasons are hidden much deeper. They are not outside. They are inside of us. The first reason is our dissatisfaction with our own life and achievements.

According to scientists, most people are never happy with themselves and the majority of people are dissatisfied with their achievements in life. The more dissatisfied you are, the more negative feelings you have. These feelings are an integral part of the survival mechanism. “I’m overweight so I have to lose weight because otherwise I’ll never achieve success.” This is what our subconscious mind tells us when we do not like the way we look. “I’m not pretty, I won’t be able to find a life partner, I’ll never have kids…” and so on and so forth.

Everything we do not like about ourselves keeps us from becoming happy and reaching our full potential. It is our subconscious mind that always tells us about it. But it cannot speak to us directly so it has to interact with us through positive or negative emotions which sometimes can be so strong that people have to buy a revenge spell or do other things to get even with someone reminding us of our imperfection, or to be more precise, someone reviving our own negative feelings caused by our imperfection.

There are two types of people. The first type includes those who try to get rid of their flaws after realizing what they are. This fight with your imperfections and flaws gives you huge amounts of energy supplied by your subconscious mind which celebrates every attempt you make to change yourself for the better. Besides, it rewards you with joy which ultimately ensures your success, as long as you do not give up and keep fighting.

The other group of people incudes those who refuse to fight. They bury their negative feelings and lie to themselves that they are smart, good-looking, talented, etc., which is not true. Alternatively, they chase away negative thoughts about their imperfections. Their extreme self-delusion makes them live their live as if in a dream. Everything seems to be fine while their thoughts are under control. But as soon as they hear some truth from someone else, it causes a dam break in their brain. The negative thoughts break out of the control of their subconscious mind along with all the negative feelings they tried to avoid which start coming back to them.

It is very stressful and can even cause temporary insanity. Some people start yelling, others try to break furniture or go to sorcerers to have them put a hex on the enemy or to learn how to cast a spell on someone for revenge. Some people can get in a fight or do even something worse.

Think about why your feeling were hurt and be honest with yourself. You were brought down not because of something someone else said or did to you but because of yourself, your imperfections which you never tried to improve, and someone just brought it up reminding you of it.

Not all people using spell revenge or trying to get even with their enemies are like that. There are several more reasons why people want to seek revenge. Let us talk about each one of them, even though their origin is pretty similar to those described above.

First of all, these are unrealistic expectations and dreams and hopes associated with them. Sadly, many people have nothing but dreams in their life. They dream about a happy future but those dreams will never come true because they do not know how to reach those dreams. However, people value their dreams because this is where they usually hide in times of need. It is their personal virtual reality allowing them to escape from real-life problems. When someone’s words destroy our dreams, we usually disagree for unwilling to admit that our dreams will indeed never come true. Instead of admitting that, we start hating the person who took away the only good thing we had in life – our dreams.

Fear. We try to hide it as deep as possible too, instead of doing something to make sure we will not encounter what causes us to feel fear. The stronger the fear, the more energy we put trying to run away from it. We start hating whoever brings that fear back to us. Unfortunately, most people do not understand that this can be fate’s way of letting them know it is time to stop hiding and start fighting.

The pain of having been betrayed is another reason for self-destructive actions (this is the best way to describe revenge) and buying spells of revenge from spellcasters.

Our subconscious mind is dangerous because it has everything we hate, fear and want to forget. But the wall around it is not impregnable. It is quite easy to break through it. Speaking of the pain of betrayal, we get mad not at the one who caused that pain but at the one who reminded us about it.

Are there any ways to fight these negative feelings? Of course there are. They have been known to people for thousands of years. Forgive, let go and forget. Let go of your negative memories and they will lose control over you. Or try to change yourself if the reason of your unhappiness is in you.


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