The refreshingly sarcastic, unusually organic, acceptable, authentic humor of Julia Louis Dreyfuss was the least and the last that I was expecting, rapidly fast delivered on night four of the virtual ‘Democratic National Convention.’

Her appearance remarkably represented the significance and the meaning of an exciting series season finale binged on one network, of course, much like her beloved ‘HBO’ show, ‘Veep.’

August 20, 2020 the climax, the trifecta of a a hard working, burgeoning telethon synchronized in the name of unity. Community is an additional part, naturally serving as an essentially important way of help, in a time of unnecessary, difficult discord. Simply, that’s not what our country stands for, never has or will. 

Vulnerability proudly shines through the affordability of her fashion choice. The inspiring comedian sported a sophisticated, form fitting, figure hugging, flattering, functional hour glass shaped white dress accentuated with the accessory of a black belt. What a stand alone purpose!

Admiration is a word preferably associated with tonight’s simultaneously aired broadcast, an allowable perfection on its own, singularly addressing the perhaps, extraordinarily rare category of people, together involved in this year’s election. Humble is another classic word often used. That and humanity, a recognizable quality always proven existent and envisioned, a reward seeked in a uniquely powerful, notable, third person narration.

Led by a true organization of individually successful, classily, credible women, actresses, the television focuses on the directly relevant clarity needed for the ideas and the symbolism of balance. It’s what matters the most. A distinct, right amount of attention teaches us that on the routine of a daily basis, much like the familiar familiarized journey taken on the same, visibly quiet Northeast, Mid Atlantic railways of ‘Amtrak.’ 

Progress is a continual invitation within reach, an identifiable, verifiable definition of validity consistently explored on a grander scale. 

It’s a time to understand a strongly distinct, newfound history. A positive equation is the answer, a productive equal to a necessary, forward motion. Readily available is a considerable worthy promise, an openly welcoming, revolving door set for the next generation and a reminder for a nearby distant, and yet, still an unpredictable future, knowledgeably, gently, self explainably, profoundly, poignantly referred to as the start of a ‘next chapter.’