The current scenario worldwide has cause fear and uncertainty amongst all of us. As the daily routines have changed so drastically, children are also getting hints that something is not right. Instead of protecting them from the pandemic situation, explaining to them about it is the right thing to do. You need to handle it carefully as it may affect them psychologically.

1. Address Your Child’s Fear:

Your child may feel scared initially as this is new to them. Children rely on their parents to feel safe. You need to reassure your kids you are right there with them and your family will get through this together.

2. Talk Honestly About the Pandemic: 

Your child may hear some parts of the news which may sound frightening to them. Sit and explain to them what is going around and do not makeup stories. Answer to their queries honestly, as they should know the importance of maintaining hygiene to fight off this pandemic.

3. Stay in Touch with Loved Ones:

As your kids do not get to meet their friends and extended family members anymore, they may worry about their safety. Arrange for video calls with friend and family, which will help ease their anxiety and lift their mood.

4. Reassure Your Child Before You Leave Home to Run Errands:

As you have to step out of your home at times to get a supply of the essential items, reassure your kid that you are just going out for a bit and will be back soon. If it is taking more time than usual, then call your kids to tell them you are safe and just running a bit late 

5. Be More Affectionate:

As things are not normal, your kids may get anxious more often. Showing them more affection will lift up their mood and make them feel protected and safe.

6. Structure the Day in a Healthy Way:

As most of us are stuck at home the entire day, our routines will get disturbed. We adults should make sure we are maintaining a healthy routine in our lives as any disturbance will affect our kid’s routine as well. Children are already anxious as they cannot go out much during the pandemic. If you do not structure their day, then it will directly affect their health. 

7. Teach Them to Look forward:

Kids are highly curious, and they may be wondering when all of this is going to end. Explain to them about the vaccination development trials that are going around and how scientists are working hard to figure out the right dose so that people can get better. This will give them hope and they will understand that things are not going to be the same forever.

The Bottom Line- Take Care of Yourself:

It is important that caregivers take care of themselves as the current scenario is challenging for everyone. Apart from coronavirus, there may be several other reasons of stress that you will come across every day, as the economic situation is also not ideal in many countries. If there are more adults at home, take turns watching the kids as it is essential for you to get some break from all the chores, and get enough rest for your overall wellbeing.