5 tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Have you ever noticed how entrepreneurs are often portrayed as ‘Type A’ personalities?

What if you are uncomfortable exposing your soul on a blog, or constantly posting on instagram?  

What if the idea of exposing your purpose; your vulnerability or doing ‘another networking event’ leaves you feeling cold?

Yet, you have a blossoming business idea!?!

You are birthing a business that needs marketing, branding and a social media presence. It all needs to be done authentically, yet you feel queasy at the thought of even speaking your business name to a group of people?

Welcome to the challenges facing a lot of Introverted Entrepreneurs, or as I like to call us: ‘Intro-Preneurs’

As a self-confessed introvert, (who is also the founder of a successful coaching business), I have had to find my own way when it comes to all things ‘Intro-Preneur’.

Below are 5 ways I have embraced being an Introvert in an Extrovert’s world

1- Understand The ‘Soul Purpose’ Of Your Business

Most business books or coaches will tell you to identify your company’s ‘DNA’, or ‘Values’.

But companies and businesses (like people) have ‘Soul Purposes’; without understanding the intention and ‘Soul Purpose’ of your business, how can you speak from the heart about it and allow it to be born?

To understand your business’s Soul Purpose, spend time thinking about what your business is here to do, sell or change.

Once you have this nailed, get granular on what your business stands for.

Once you answer to these things, you have your business’s ‘Soul Purpose’.

2. Get Comfortable Speaking This Out Loud; And Then Practice, Practice, Practice!

Now that you have your business’s Soul Purpose, you need to get comfortable saying it out loud and talking to other people about it!

Talking to people about our ideas is nothing more than an exchange of energy; you talk; the other person receives. But, to get good at the talking you need to practice!

Write a script, say it to yourself, in front of a mirror, to a friend, to your dog….to anyone who will listen!

That way, when the time comes, you will have created neural pathways in your brain that say ‘I got this, I know how to describe my business to anyone who asks’.

3. Schedule more 1:1 meetings

If the thought of group meetings leaves you cold, schedule more 1:1 meetings!

There are no rules when you are working for yourself or founder of your own business; you can have impactful meetings with 1 or 2 people, or with 10!

Understand your strengths and learn how to use them to further yourself and your business.

4. Make Social Media Your Best Friend!

Social media can be great for introverts, but it can also be terrifying.

Theoretically, it should be an introvert’s dream (no contact with people, opportunity to market yourself), but also – it’s hard putting yourself out there!

The biggest learning I have had, is to stop imagining people at the other end of your post. The only person who is judging you, is you.

So, get out of the way of your own success, and just Post the Post

5. Know your value

One of the things I struggled with as an ‘Intro-Preneur’ is knowing my value and voicing it.

I would often undercut myself in a bid to ‘win work’ and then immediately regret it.

Do your research; what is the market rate for the services or products you are offering?

Decide on what you think your rate should be, then add on 30%.

Chances are, (if you are anything like me) you would have undersold yourself immediately so adding on 30% will probably bring you in line with market value; if it’s too high, your clients/market will tell you!

These are 5 ways I have over-come some of my ‘Intro-Preneur’ challenges.

If you are an ‘Intro-Preneur’ at the start of your journey, or an experienced ‘Intro-Preneur’, I would love to hear what you have done to harness your super-power and make it work for you!

Sarah McDonnell is an intuitive coach and change advocate.  

Founder of Rebel, her businesses ‘Soul Purpose’ is empowering companies & people to be more human.


Insta: @be.more.rebel