Joanne Mantis

It has become increasingly common to see women hold leadership positions in nonprofit organizations in the past couple of years. Women have started to play a significant role in the nonprofit world after a long history of being held back by male-dominated uphill battles. Now in the nonprofit sector, women make up about 75% of the labor force and have increased their role as the breadwinners. Below we will dive more into the details of the rise of women in philanthropy, as featured in an article on Non Profit Pro.

Women are no longer looking for their husbands’ approval in their decisions or waiting to see if they can acquire permission. Women are taking charge of their wants and needs in life and going after them on their own. Women also have a history of being more muscular than men in fundraising, and it has only continued. They tend to be very creative and inventive when it comes to new ways of fundraising and increasing involvement. Instead of being mirrors of their male counterparts, women are finding ways to stand out and think outside of the box to push their nonprofit organizations as far as possible.

Regarding charity donations, women tend to be more empathetic and willing to give than men are. They are also more understanding and empathetic to the causes they choose to give to and contain a broader range of reasons to support. Women have always been more concerned about the various issues that occur in the world. Women are inspired by helping in ways that they can and are even more likely to excel in networking and engaging with other organizations and potential donors. 

The future of philanthropy lies with the hands of women. As previously mentioned, women make up the majority of the nonprofit sector; this means that we will continue to see women take over future leadership roles and help bring in more women to get involved. As the income gap gradually closes between genders, women will also have more money to donate to charitable causes. There are still issues that must be addressed within the world of philanthropy, but the increasing involvement of women in power is exciting and beneficial for everyone.