Life is in stages, and for every step we attain, we want to succeed. Success is not as difficult as we think, although the road may be rough. In achieving success, you need to be determined and intentional about it. Success does not happen by mistake, and one needs to be specific. On this road to win, you may be discouraged because of failures and hurdles. 

Many people think that the road to success is so difficult. And yes. It is.

Success is not a journey for everyone. It’s a journey only for people who are ready for it.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. So the first thing to start with is to make a commitment that you want to achieve your goals.

If you have a mindset of “just to try out”,  most probably you will give up at the end because you may likely not put in your best.

Instead, if you say you MUST be successful, you’ll have better chances. But no one can guarantee it. There’s no way to ensure you will be successful. But there are ways to ensure you are equipped with the essential things and skills to be successful.

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Success does not come to people who approach it negatively but those who stay positive with the “I must be successful” mentality.

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Fear means to be afraid of something, to expect or worry about something wrong or unpleasant. Having anxiety means you’re not confident in yourself or in the goals that you have set before you. If fear is not dealt with, it can end up hindering your success. Considering what you have mapped out, you may want to start having doubts or being scared unnecessarily.

Fear cuts so deep like a machete and goes way to affect your life. It can harshly affect your ability to achieve personal or professional goals, develop a meaningful career or experience happiness. How you deal with it – or not – will affect your ability to achieve and sustain success. Types of fear closely associated with success are :

• Fear of failure 

• Fear of the unknown 

That’s the more reason to address it. If not properly checked, you might eventually give up.


However, first understand that failure is a part of the equation. Through your mistakes and failures, you learn lessons about life and the pursuit of fulfilment within that life.

Each time the circumstances of life knock you down, you have an important choice to make. You can decide to stand up and keep trying or to give up and stay down and out till it comes to that point where each failure becomes something premium for you who is envisaging to walk down the path towards success. It isn’t a defeat but a practical lesson. Each time you miss your target, you’ve learned something important that will contribute to your subsequent success. Therefore, failure is an essential recipe for success.

I believe you must become comfortable with failure if you ever decide to seek out “real” success. Always see failure as fuel to your success.


The following vital aspect to consider when considering walking towards the road to success is not just to focus on your latter goal throughout that pursuit process. Instead, it would help if you also took the time and energy to enjoy the journey.

The “getting there” is more than half the battle, and if you are bleak or reluctant to appreciate the pursuit, then you will find a hollow joy in finally reaching your destination.

Take the time to understand the moments in your life as they happen; there are no guarantees in this world. Achieving success isn’t about an individual point in your life, but the principal, collective whole of your pursuit as you accumulate victories and your success bring future success.

Conclusively, the road to success may seem complicated but achieving your goal is possible. Don’t give up.