Ever take the rocking chair test? There are lots of variations of it, but here’s the one I use. I picture myself as an old man sitting in a rocking chair, blanket drawn over me, sitting outside on a porch looking ahead of me. I reach down at my side and pick up an old photo album with pictures of my life; the moments, the friendships, family, etc. As I open the photo album to a random page, my eyes come to focus on a picture.

When I look at that picture, I imagine something amazingly fun that I have on my bucket list and always wanted to do, or a close hug with someone, or a random photo that someone else took of me doing something amazing, or exceptionally kind. Whatever I dream that picture is, I then rewind back to the present moment, and ask myself, ‘What do I need to do now to have that picture in my photo album?’

Give it a try! #CreateYourStory

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  • Gregg Korrol

    Results Coach, Author and Principal

    Gregg Korrol is a Results Coach helping people transform their life both professionally and personally. Gregg works with top CEOs, Emmy Winning Producers, Artists and others who are looking to take life to the next level.  Gregg is the Author of the Bestselling novel, The Gifted Storyteller: The Power is in the Story You Tell. Gregg also works in the field of education, with over 20 years experience as a teacher and Principal in NYC. He has received numerous awards and accolades as a leader in his field, and sat on various advisory teams for top education officials. Utilizing his degree in Psychology from StonyBrook University and certification in Strategic Intervention in coaching, Gregg’s focus is on helping others become the hero of their own story. Gregg currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and daughter. You can follow Gregg on his website,, Instagram @thegiftedstoryteller and email him at [email protected]