Over the decades, coffee and tea have proved to be the most popular beverages, especially among the middle-aged folks. This is because there are numerous benefits associated with these beverages. Due to this, coffee makers are common appliances in almost every home. They come in different designs, sizes and functionality. People take coffee and tea in the privacy of their homes as well as in social gatherings. These drinks bring refreshing effects to the users as well as help in passing time especially when one is by themselves. That said, below are some of the many health benefits reaped by coffee and tea takers:

  • Boosted Immunity

The body needs a well-built immune system to be able to fight off diseases. This immunity takes care of simple ailments like colds as well as complex diseases. People with strong immune systems do not need to visit the doctor every time an ailment strikes. The body is able to fight it off by itself. Coffee and tea contain antioxidants which fight the free radicals responsible for ailments. Taking these beverages in moderation is a sure way of keeping the doctors away. Most people keep their doctors close as they invest in expensive drugs to maintain a healthy heart. All this may not be necessary once they discover the secret hidden in tea and coffee.

  • Keeping Cardiovascular Disease at Bay

Coffee and tea contain components known as polyphenols which are believed to reduce the risks of getting cardiovascular disease. Regardless of the type of coffee or tea that one takes, at least two cups a day will be of help. Black tea may differ from green tea in terms of the general composition, but the necessary component is available in both. As people advance in age, taking care of their hearts becomes a top priority.

The heart is the busiest organ in the human body hence the need to keep it healthy. Heart attacks and strokes can be reduced a big deal if people took coffee and tea seriously. However, moderation of the same also becomes crucial especially for the elderly. Alternating tea with coffee brings maximum benefits.

  • Reduced Neurological Disorders

This hits closer home for the aged. As people grow old, their bodies are subjected to risks of age-related neurological disorders. However, it is possible to age gracefully without necessarily having to go through the ordeal. Disorders like dementia where an individual’s memory and brain coordination deteriorates can be managed.

Drinking either coffee or tea daily helps in keeping the cognitive side of the brain active. Even if one still gets caught up in such a condition, it is possible to slow it down. Parkinson’s disease is also common in many elderly people. It is characterized by stiffness of muscles and tremors. 

  • Getting Protection against Liver Diseases

Liver diseases are common and many patients only get medical attention when the problem is way too advanced. This may be partly due to lack of early diagnosis or poor medical services. However, prevention is better than cure and this is where coffee and tea come in. The powerful antioxidants found in these two beverages keep the liver healthy. The fight against free radicals reduces the risks of liver cancer and other diseases.

There are those who prefer white coffee over black coffee for whatever reasons. Research shows that adding milk and other additives to coffee weakens its protection power. It is therefore advisable to take black coffee to have the antioxidants fully active. Maintaining a healthy liver saves people a lot of other health troubles.

  • Protection against Type 11 Diabetes

In the long run, the polyphenols in coffee and tea improve insulin sensitivity in the body. By so doing, the body is able to regulate sugar levels in the blood. The results for this regulation are reduced risks of type 11 diabetes. The antioxidants in tea also help the body to process the sugar in the blood. There are those who opt for decaffeinated coffee due to their personal reasons. They still reap the benefits but not in full.

Different people prefer different beverages for their own reasons. However, as illustrated here, those who take more coffee and tea reap several health benefits besides the obvious enjoyment.


  • Gail Green



    Interior designer/decorator and founder of Gail Green Interiors.