As human beings, intimacy is something that we all truly crave. Defined as closeness between people in personal relationships, intimacy comes in many different forms, including: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. When it comes to successful relationships, however, it is an area that can often be overlooked or not highly regarded.

Key factors such as trust, honesty, and compassion all play a vital role within intimate relationships. When there is a lack of intimacy in any form in one’s life, it can cause a number of adverse health effects – which is why prioritizing intimacy are of utmost importance.

It can be overwhelming, but making an effort to include intimacy in your day-to-day routine can reap enormous benefits. An intimacy coach plays a vital role in this, to ensure that you’re on the right track and implementing the right strategies and practices. These 5 intimacy coaches are experts at what they do, and can help to transform you into a better version of yourself. Read on to learn more about each one, and the role that intimacy can play in your relationships to improve the overall quality of your life.

Dr. Rachel Allyn

Dr. Rachel Allyn is a holistic psychologist, relationship and intimacy therapist, author, and retreat leader who has been in the field of psychology and wellness for almost two decades. She received her Ph.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco and has spent years focusing on psychotherapy, testing, teaching, and becoming a certified yoga instructor. 

Rachel greets her clients free from judgement and helps them connect with their inner wisdom, truth, and magnetism. As a somatic psychologist and coach, Rachel focuses on the role of the body in promoting healing and vitality, and the ways individual self-care impacts community care. Her message of “bodyfulness” goes beyond mindfulness, given the ways that science now shows us how trauma and unprocessed emotions can get stuck in the body if we don’t have ways to release them. She helps her clients engage the wisdom of their body to release accumulated stress and trauma i

In order to heal, feel their best, and have deeper, more authentic and intimate relationships.

Her new book, “The Pleasure Is All Yours: Reclaim Your Body’s Bliss and Reignite Your Passion for Life,” is an expansion of her 2019 TEDx talk focusing on bodyfulness as a way to reclaim healthy pleasures to strengthen people’s resilience.

Azaria Menezes

Azaria Menezes, also known as The Pussy Fairy, is a successful sex and relationship coach who works with women and couples to help them figure out what’s holding them back either in the bedroom or their relationships. Azaria Menezes Sex and Relationship Coaching supports clients so they can move beyond emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and low-self worth to find healing and not only show up in their relationships but also feel more fulfilled in the bedroom. 

She is passionate about supporting women and couples and helping them become their authentic selves during intimacy. This way, there’s greater opportunity for pleasure, desire, and connection. Through Azaria Menezes Sex and Relationship Coaching, she helps clients reignite that spark that their sexuality is missing in long-term relationships. 

Azaria allows people to find the capacity to fall more in love with themselves and each other when it comes to couples. She currently provides 1:1 coaching spots for women and couples who need to uncover what’s holding them back in the bedroom so they can finally be present during sex and feel good. 

She also specializes in supporting mothers who feel disconnected from their sexuality and relationships after having children. Azaria Menezes Sex and Relationship Coaching provides a trauma-informed approach and she uses tools that are backed by modern neurology, anatomy, science, and holistic coaching to create an environment that best supports her clients goals. 

Dr. Jacqueline H. Sherman 

Dr. Jacqueline Sherman, also known as Dr. Jac, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Intimacy and Relationship Coach. One thing that bothers her is that women don’t feel they can love themselves or ask for the kind of intimate pleasure they want and deserve. She realized that this problem can be solved if we talked about it more. 

That’s why she founded Your Exceptional Sensuality Center, LLC. She wanted to get the conversation going by helping modern, ambitious, high-achieving women discover their sexual confidence, heal from past trauma, and cultivate intimacy and pleasure. Particularly women who have struggled with fertility or have experienced infant and pregnancy loss. 

Dr. Jac understands very well that owning and asking for the pleasure you want is challenging for women. Discussing intimacy struggles can bring women a sense of shame and loneliness. That’s not the way it should be. Once women begin to let go of their sexual scripts, they will be able to unlock their pleasure and change their sex lives forever. This is something Dr. Jac discovered on her own and she became unapologetic about her needs. That’s the kind of freedom she offers clients. 

During her career, Dr. Jac has helped hundreds of women accept and learn to own their pleasure. How? Through practice! This kind of sexual freedom requires practice and an intentional mindset, and she helps her clients create that. Her coaching services lead women to fiery results by helping them let go of the shame and connect to their sensuality. 

Jayna Swan 

Founded by Jayna Swan in 2015, Swan Academy specialises in educating, elevating, and empowering students to live happy, healthy, and horny lives. They are experts at Love & Intimacy Coaching and they work with clients from all walks of life. 

One of the most outstanding things about Swan Academy is their virtual academy, which offers online courses, group coaching, and one-on-one or two-on-one coaching. They are committed to helping clients learn to cultivate their desire, improve their communication skills, and build their confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom. 

The Swan Academy approach combines psychology, human anatomy, evolutionary biology, laughter, and a pinch of sensual spice to provide a unique coaching experience. Every session is crafted as an educational and entertaining experience, where a safe space is created for clients so they can gain valuable tools while enjoying themselves. 

They empower their clients to make changes in all areas of life because that’s the only way to flourish. Swan Academy provides a comprehensive approach, with focus in several areas. Such as physical health, mental health, financial health, and environmental health because all these areas play a role in the quality of our intimacy. 

Yael Rosenstock Gonzalez

Founded by Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez, a pleasure activist and expert intimacy coach, Sex Positive You is a company that supports clients in finding pleasurable, joyful, and positive experiences with sex and themselves. Their services allow clients to connect to embodied pleasure and pleasure techniques, improve their confidence and self-worth, increase their emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy with partners, develop communication skills, set and respect boundaries, and improve their relationship with their body. 

Sex Positive You is for people who seek sexual wellness and pleasure, something that intimacy coach Yael is very passionate about. Through her “You Are Enough, Love: Interrogating Your Narrative” signature process, she trains her clients and supports them in identifying how they have internalized messages about worthiness that prevent them from reaching sexual empowerment. 

Usually, these internalized messages relate to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and so on, which greatly impact how individuals see themselves. Yael believes individuals hold the power in their sexual empowerment and she offers the guidance they need to fully realize it through Sex Positive You. Her approach is informed and with a special focus on the impact identity and lived experiences have on one’s sense of self.