For most women there is a level of guilt if we slow down, take some time out to relax, take some time out for ourselves and dare we say be self indulgent sometimes.

Not so long ago, women began doing what had historically been their father’s jobs whilst maintaining their mother’s responsibilities. And the result for many women, a crazy double shift of day and night work with not enough adequate rest.

Whist we are not saying that women are not capable of it all, we can have it “all”, however our health and mental well-being is extremely important also. And without nurturing this aspect of ourselves, we will not be able to give our time and energy to the demand of our lives.

We know how difficult it can be to switch off and unplug as many of us have loads of responsibilities towards our families, partners, children, friends, work and our homes & we don’t want to let anyone down in the process. However let’s not forget that our endless ‘to do lists’, the everyday grind (which can be rewarding at times) and the relentless pursuit, can all wait and sometimes you can put yourself first, you are ALLOWED to slow down & should incorporate rituals into your everyday lives which reflect this. And guess what?! You don’t have to feel guilty for it! You don’t have to stretch yourself all the time, sometimes it is ok to rest and just be. After all, most of us do need to learn to be more present in our lives.