Do you remember what your favorite subject in school was? Many of you will answer either any language or math or science and very few of you will answer HISTORY. History is an underrated subject. Most of the students don’t like to study it partly because of their approach towards it and partly because of the way it is presented to them. But actually, studying history helps to develop our character. Let me convince you with this fact.

We Indians are blessed with the golden history and tales of very courageous Kings and fighters. One such historical tale is the evergreen EPIC MAHABHARATA. The stories and moral values of Mahabharata will never go out of trend though it was written 5000years back. Because no matter how much we have become advanced in terms of science and technology but still the types of people and their problems are same.

If you have read/seen Mahabharata, then you would easily remember the famous incident of the wedding of Gandhari and Dhrutrashtra. When Gandhari was told about her husband’s blindness, she got upset but at the same time she also took pledge to support her husband by covering her own eyes for lifetime. Everyone including Dhrutrashtra got upset with her decision, and they convinced her to change her decision. But she was firm on her decision. She was believing that unless and until you don’t put your feet in someone else’s shoe you can’t understand their situation, and so in order to understand the problems which Dhrutrashtra was facing, devi gandhari kept her eyes closed till her last breath..

Many such examples are there in Mahabharata and in many other historical stories which demonstrate that once they are told to do anything, or they take decision to do something then they never change their mind. Any unshakable decision is nothing but the outcome of very high will power. While watching such series I often wonder how come they are so much powerful and tolerant. But later I realized that, this is the power of mind, and not power of the body. Physical strength is determined by willpower. And willpower is developed by having unshakable faith in our decision and being consistent. Our guruji Swami Sivananda always used to say we think something else, we speak something else and we do something else. Our thoughts, words and actions don’t match many a times and that affects our willpower

Everyone says if you are disciplined, then you will get success, but discipline and willpower are interdependent. Willpower helps to stay disciplined and discipline helps to strengthen willpower.