What do you do if there aren’t any people in your life that help you stay optimistic when things aren’t going well? 

Let me tell you about my friends, the trees. I find that trees are a beacon of brightness. They not only help me feel better, they help me find the hope and confidence within myself!

Have you ever hugged a tree?

I mean really hugged one? Hugged a tree because you needed to feel loved and that everything was okay, and there wasn’t anyone else who could do that for you?

I have many times.

Hugging or sitting against trees always makes me feel safe, supported and like everything’s going to be okay. 

I get some of my best ideas while hanging out with trees. (Legend has it this worked for Sir Issac Newton too!)

My connection with trees began when I was young. Wherever I was there were always trees. 

There were these trees in our backyard with little cubbies to hide my favorite purse. 

When we went camping, I’d be allowed to wander and I’d just go lay among the trees. Their perfume was soothing and their song was quietening.

Last weekend my husband and I went backpacking as we often do. But this was the first time we’d gone since the shelter-in-place orders hit our state. We weren’t sheltering in place, but we were definitely being socially distant.

The first evening, we were camped under hundred year old oak groves and fir trees. The wild turkeys were gobbling their evening night-nights, and a Cooper’s Hawk was feeding her chicks dinner.

They didn’t know about Covid-19. They didn’t know about wearing masks. They were all just living their lives.

This is what reminds me of reality, of what’s important and permanent. 

There will always be things in our lives that make us feel vulnerable and afraid. There will always be things that we need to deal with.

And the trees are always standing tall, not resistant, but resilient, making the wind their instrument and the rain their nourishment.

Trees are my cornerstone, my compass to optimism and my binoculars to what really matters, love and support. 

And the best part is, pretty much everyone has access to a tree. So if you need a boost in morale right now, try sitting under, and maybe even hugging, a tree!