Everyone wants to be a traveller and wants to explore as many places as they can. There are a few secrets of being a traveller that every person wants to be. When I first went as an alone traveller, I went to Himachal Pradesh. There I explored a lot of things. From all the trips I learned a lot of tips which I will share with you and that will help you become a traveller that every person wants to be. The best thing I explored in Himachal Pradesh was the lifestyle of Himachal Pradesh and it was very interesting and I loved that place a lot. If you want to be fortunate like me to visit this place you can look out for Shimla – Manali Tour Package, which I am sure you will find fascinating.

Now with my more than 12 years of travelling experience, I can share those secrets with you:

  1. Don’t be scared of exploring– One should not be scared of exploring new places. You are exploring things for yourself, but remember those places were explored already and you are not discovering anything new. You can take the help of a guide or maps to help you. You may feel scared and nervous, but that is what you have to overcome.
  2. Connect with the local population- One can take the help of guides or maps to go to a location, but it is advisable to connect with local people more often to find out what is new to explore and what is the most famous and fun thing to do over there. One can ask other travellers or the hotel staff too for popular places.
  3. Don’t carry a lot of stuff– It is advisable to carry as less as you can or maybe limit only to essentials. One should carry a small bag so that you don’t think of carrying too many things. If you are carrying a lot of things with you, your travel becomes difficult and you’ll feel tired carrying everything with you all the time.
  4. Always carry extra/spare money– Though travel won’t be very expensive if planned properly. It is advisable to carry some extra money with you because you don’t know about any unexpected expenses or disasters that can come within your way. When you’ll carry extra money, you’ll be relaxed that you did if something urgent comes up. It is like keeping reserve for such situations.
  5. Always carry a First-aid kit- It is very important to carry the first-aid kit with yourself when you are going for any trip. Though you’ll be careful enough, if any accident happens, you should be prepared enough to do the treatment on your own. 
  6. Must carry a lock and torch– One can avoid carrying an extra pair of clothes, but it is important to carry a lock and a torch in your travel bag. Try and carry a lock without a key, if you lose the key it will be a big problem. Always carry a torch, if you are going out at night and you are not sure about the place and the power supply.

These are my top secrets to being a traveller that every person wants to be. These secrets will lead you to an awesome trip and you’ll feel so relaxed travelling.