Capturing a Moment of Beautiful Happiness to Amplify the Wonders of My Article

We all crave a deeper experience of happiness. Despite how complex the topic may seem, I’ve discovered a simple recipe to experience radical, profound, pure HAPPINESS.

The secret to happiness is pure presence and ecstatic self-celebration.

Unhappiness is generated from deep within our unconsciousness when our body is experiencing dysregulation or when memories are projecting unpleasant sensations. We feel unhappy when we are drifting elsewhere, suffering from pain we feel we deserve, or feeling unworthy of happiness.

All unhappiness, dysregulation, and painful memories can be healed through self-love. Proclaiming our worthiness to ourselves actually possesses enough potent power to completely rewire our neurophysiology!

We all deserve moments of happily ever after within our everyday life experience.

Capturing a Moment of Beautiful Happiness to Amplify the Wonders of My Article
Original Unedited Photography By Kristin Windsor

Every day offers so much MAGICK! If we are drifting to places from the past or projections of the future, we are not present, and we miss out on the magicK.

Pure presence means only existing in the singular moment of here and now. It means creating space for stillness, allowing the mind to quiet its projections. It means being fully absorbed in present-moment experiences without any “stories” playing inside of our bodies.

Memory systems inside of our brain are designed by to help us navigate present and future moments by unconsciously projecting information from the past. The truth is, though, that no one can predict future specifics, and attempting to do so often causes anxiety or depression rather than legitimate benefits.

Pure presence means establishing conscious presence with the moment and with our miraculous consciousness.

When we let go of the stories replaying inside of our minds and bodies, pure presence becomes possible, and roadblocks in our pursuit of happiness are eradicated one by one.

Ecstatic self-celebration means marveling at every single aspect of life experience from fresh perspectives of joyful PLAY and unconditional LOVE.

We each have one hundred trillion neural networks in our brain contributing to the MAGICK of our existence and experience! That alone is an incomprehensible MIRACLE worth celebrating!!

Every day is pure magicK: how the sun somehow knows to rise each day and create light and warmth to sustain our lives and provide new days is utterly astounding! This whole planet is wondrously miraculous!

Every bite of food we eat involves a million miracles! The whole process of food growing and being made into a meal is incredible! The entire process of feeling hunger and interpreting those signals from body to mind in a way that compels us towards finding food is amazing! The whole process of seeing colours and shapes of food and then tasting its textures and flavours is absolutely astounding!

Our bodies and consciousness are worthy of expansive appreciation and ecstatic celebration! Just BEing alive is an expansive, profound, indescribably complex, ecstatically wondrous MIRACLE!

When we can embrace the journey as the destination and create space for pure BEingness, we open doors to happiness where only walls previously existed.

Every day is allowed to be an ecstatic experience simply because we are alive. This ecstasy can be amplified when we choose to radically love ourselves and expand our own self-presence with celebratory appreciation.

Happiness is just a deep breath and playful perspective shift away.

We are allowed to love ourselves whole. We are allowed to heal into happiness.

Kristin Windsor healed herself from 22 years of intensive traumatic-stress and dozens of associated health battles in just TWO YEARS through self-LOVE and a comprehensive understanding of NEUROSCIENCE. Through that, she gained brand new insights regarding human consciousness, personality, and mental health. Kristin Windsor is a consciousness consultant, published author, thought leader, video creator, public speaker, and musician.