Everyday people hear discussions of the newest dating apps, popular couples, failed marriages, but rarely about how to love. Many people have fleeting relationships and wish to find something more meaningful, deeper, and more fulfilling. Thankfully, Nora DeKeyser and her company, Befound, are talking about what people really need to have fulfilling relationships: self-love. She is sharing her 10 years of knowledge about love, and helping others have the healthiest relationships possible.

For many years, Nora was a professional matchmaker to the stars. She worked with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and actors all across New York and Los Angeles. She has been featured as a relationship expert for ABCLA, Business Insider and Elite Daily, but now has a clear mission to help people love themselves first.

Nora’s philosophy is to help people find love inside of themselves, rather than just outside themselves as she had previously been doing. Nora uses a unique method to help her clients connect with their inner authenticity, and build confidence from the inside out. She also aims to teach her clients the art of empowerment in life, dating and business.

After working with celebrities and entrepreneurs for the last five years, Nora has come to realize that matchmaking was not the solution to people’s problems. Nora often says that, ‘there are 8 billion people in the world. The problem isn’t a lack of matches.’ The solution she found is that people’s desire to find love is hidden within each individual. Everyone has a unique story, a unique past, and a unique desire to keep, and find love. It isn’t until each person finds authentic love within themselves that they will be able to attract their desired partner and relationship that mirrors their set of values.

Nora follows her philosophies daily. After a failed relationship and losing herself to love, Nora made it her mission to make sure nobody else lost themselves again. She has gone out of her way to be trained by some of the world’s leading coaches, fellow relationship experts and psychologists to help each of her clients achieve internal confidence, love, and the freedom to get the most out of their lives and relationships. It’s simple: Nora offers her clients knowledge, tools, and support to live their best lives. 

At Befound, Nora helps create a no-nonsense kind of self love that helps people to open up and have honest relationships with themselves so that they stop searching for happiness outside of themselves. By ‘finding yourself and loving yourself, you will begin to create your own beautiful stories and, in turn, create your own beautiful life’, Nora says.

Through her coaching, Nora is able to teach new monthly topics on life purpose, relationships, internal values, and confidence. She also hosts three live calls among her community each month where she does hot-seat coaching, answers people’s questions and teaches people how to, not only, find themselves, but love themselves too. 

With deep rooted self-love, anything is possible. It ‘all starts with you’, and Nora hopes to share this message with the world.

To learn more about Befound and Nora, check out her Instagram at @Noradekeyser or send her an email