The term ‘Lightworker’ is used a lot these days, with many people claiming to be one. Many more people would not even know what it means, let alone if they are one! In New Age circles, a Lightworker is known as a soul whose purpose is to awaken early to their own spiritual and psychic gifts to help others onto the path of Oneness and Ascension. They can also be called “Wayshowers”. In most cases, these people work hard at releasing their past trauma and emotional baggage, trust their guidance and bring their gifts in with intention and purpose. However, there are masses of ordinary people in the world who could be labelled a ‘Lightworker’ simply because they are who they are, lighting up the world for the people around them. I call these people ‘Unintentional Lightworkers.’

Intentional Lightworkers are those who know and recognise their connection to God, the Creator, to the Universe and to Mother Earth, and who regularly and intentionally send their light and love to the planet to help ease the pain and suffering upon her. These people understand that, while we all have free will and a right to refuse healing or intervention, love is the only thing in the Universe that is real and the only way to raise the Earth out of Third Dimensional drama, ego, war, hatred and suffering. Lightworkers send love and light to waterways, to places on Earth where people are suffering and to Mother Earth herself. They may send angels to help when an ambulance goes past, send love from their heartspace to a sad child and call upon Mother Mary to help them, or bring up the Violet Flame around the Earth’s human collective consciousness to transmute negative energy and to allow the love of the Creator into areas where disconnection has occurred.  

Intentional Lightworkers may also be spiritual healers and teachers but they can also be religious people or followers who use their faith to help others. They may be missionaries, but they can also be parishioners who go out of their way to help others in their community. Lightworkers may also be massage or Reiki therapists, psychologists, doctors, naturopaths, surgeons or primary school teachers. Yes, many Lightworkers are professional people earning a living from their trade, but the rule of thumb for a Lightworker is that they follow their soul’s urge to serve humanity for the greater good, quite often sacrificing their own time and resources in the process.

There are many people around the world, however, who send light and unconditional love from their heartspace to the people and world around them, even when they are not conscious of it. Their natural state of being is to live and work from their heartspace, radiating love, light and kindness without thinking about it. This energy can range from of a simple smile, a random act of kindness, caring for a stranger in a crisis or the intentional sending of love and healing through meditation or prayer. I call these people ‘Unintentional Lightworkers’.

Unintentional Lightworkers are those genuine, loving people who simply care for others and for the planet without thinking about it. These people often put their own needs last and will work to help, often tirelessly, other people, the church, charity, the community, the environment or for friends and family without making a fuss or expecting anything in return. They are passionate but not in ego – they do it because they love to help and are just lovely, friendly, happy people who make the world a better place by just being in it. These people are generally more spiritually aware and open-minded, but not all of them will awaken to be conscious ‘bridges’ or Wayshowers for Ascension.

My point is, one does not need to label themselves a ‘Lightworker’ to be make a difference in the world. Now more than ever, the Earth needs ALL humans to feel love in their hearts and to send it out to the people in their lives and the greater world around them. So, be the Lightworker that you are and shine your light out to the world!