Life can sometimes be challenging and get the best of us down. And although it might seem too much for others to handle, the important thing to remember is to never give up no matter what. 

The same can be said for music artists. The industry they’re a part of is not an easy one to be in. It constantly demands long hours, their talents, and a lot more so that they can secure their position in the business and among their audiences. 

And to avoid giving in to the pressure, several artists have developed a coping mechanism where they get to let themselves loose and get away from the world so they can continue to focus on their initial goals. 

For Superstar KJ whose real name is Kejuan Stratford, his respite comes from his family. 

Turning To Family 

Being stressed and burned out as an artist isn’t new. With the constant demand for creativity and the need to put out quality music everytime, they deserve a break where they can refocus their thoughts and energies according to their goal.

Take, for instance, Superstar KJ. When faced with obstacles, he turns to his family, the people who believe in him the most. He allows them to motivate him to do the right thing and finish what he started as a music artist. 

“If I have no one to talk to, I try to think about the future and hope for something better,” he added.

Aside from finding refuge in his family, Superstar KJ also engages in other activities to avoid stress and burnout as an artist. This includes working out and riding motorcycles with the friends that he grew up with. 

Ultimately, Superstar KJ feels comfortable by taking care of his body and spending quality time with the people that matter the most. 

Advice For Those Starting Out

One thing that Superstar KJ has realized during his time in the music industry is that criticism is always present in the people around him. It could come from the audience or peers who each have a different opinion about music. 

To those who have just started and are yet to experience this, the singer-songwriter encourages them to not give up in the face of skepticism. Instead, they should give more attention to the people who matter the most, as he does. 

“Everyone isn’t going to like you or what you do but admire the ones who do,” Superstar KJ said. 

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