Born and raised in West Bloomfield Michigan, Jason Capital is among the many kids who grew up expecting that formal education is what would land him into his dream life.

This is a fact that he has come to disapprove of as it worked out so differently for him. After being rejected by every college he enrolled in, Jason learned the hard way that he had to beat all odds to prove wrong the people who looked down on him.

From not being picked to play basketball in high school for ‘not being good enough,’ Jason worked his way to become a multiple figure earner from selling basketball handling skills courses among other online coaching programs. At 30 years old, Jason Capital has a whopping net worth of $2 million, a figure that many of his peers still have a dream to achieve at the top of their careers. This amount of money, Jason says, he earns from his keen focus on the acquired copy skills which he has become so good at as to make a fortune out of it.

In this article, we’ll incline ourselves to the way Jason Capital is transforming many entrepreneurs’ lives through his superior program – High Status – with such an overwhelming success. Be sure to get all the ‘hows’ and the ‘reallys’ as you read through this post to the last line.

How Did He Learn His High Income Skills?

Making the first million at 24 is a dream that only a few have been able to achieve. It was an impossible task that Jason Capital overcame and achieved. Getting to a six-figure earning sounds great as an achievement, but as Jason tells us, he had to lose it all to get to the top.

After several rejections at college, Jason resorted to learning High-income skills where he turned a $100 birthday gift into a million dollars in 9 months. He put his life on the line and learned to live life on his terms. Living the Laptop Life in truth and consistent learning is the way to make it in High-income skills, says Jason.

Jason explicitly tells us that his story was not a ‘success all the way’ story, not at all. After making a ton of money at a very young age, complacency got the better part of him and, before he knew it, all was lost. Jason blamed his complacency because he stopped growing after tasting what success felt like. In the next nine months, he went back to his mother’s apartment and reinvented himself, and that’s how Jason emerged a millionaire from his laptop. His rise and falls taught him a big lesson; when you stop growing, you start dying. After that, he has never been the same.

As a superior marketing guru and a humanitarian, Jason capital has seen himself on coveted platforms where his work has been featured in Forbes, TIME, CNBC, Entrepreneur, and the Money Magazine. On many occasions, Jason has acted as a business coach and consultant to high profile individuals; Fortune 500 executives, Navy SEAL’s, professional athletes, renowned Hollywood actors, and many best-selling authors. The White house notably acknowledged his influence and recognized him as a Top 100 Entrepreneur under 30. To add on to that, Jason is the best-selling author of Higher Status- a book that has dubbed him as the pre-eminent high-income expert.

Jason’s Go-Pro Business-Guide Program – Higher Status

After realizing the wealth of skill and prowess endowed in the young high-achieving millionaire, many top-of-the-range personalities are learning from Jason’s Higher Status program. In what he calls the new secret sauce, Jason teaches pro athletes, CEO’s, Social media influencers, and over 250k worthy men globally, about the 12 honest signals that take you up to become High Status and ways to apply them in your daily life. This is a step-by-step guide that nurtures you on how to unlock the success gems hidden in you. He invites ambitious men to have a taste of this secret sauce and go on to join the Most-Successful-People class.


Not only is he a mentor and a business coach, but he is also the new blood in the world of ‘the passionate few.’ Jason Capital mastered the art of live-life-on-your-own-terms by beating all odds, emerging out the best of the best among both his peers and those above him. He continues to advance his impact and influences millions of people to become successful in the most unprecedented success nuggets entailed in his best-selling book –Higher Status.