Having always had this tendency to be interested in many things and never relying only on a job title to define me, I decided to fully embrace my entrepreneur characteristics that had been locked away inside me for most of my life.

I started to realise that some of us don’t only identify with a single thing – being our job title – although this too is absolutely part of it but at the same time we are able to identify with more. Agree?

My side hustle journey began around a year and a half ago when having always been passionate about property, I decided I would convince my now fiancĂ© that we would invest in properties and run our own property business. Guess what? it worked! We couldn’t be more happier and successful.

Since then I’ve also built a share portfolio alongside our property portfolio. Using income from all my current income streams I’m currently on my journey to building my own online mindset coaching business whilst working a full-time job, yep that’s right another side hustle. Let’s just say that side hustling has always been a part of me and I cannot shake it off.

So why have a side hustle anyways? Having a side hustle gives you new insight and options. It’s a sideline source of income that can give you the opportunity to create new levels of financial, emotional and intellectual freedom whilst working in a traditional 9am-5pm, and remember that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be a choice one or the other. It’s an excellent way to monetise your passion or hobby. Don’t get me wrong, this could be anything. For example, if you like fishing there are definitely ways to monetise on this. Side hustles bring you a new level of awareness and open your mind to the possibilities.

Today I work full time for a wonderful company that allows me to focus on my passions, I’m an investor, I’m an entrepreneur, and I use my side hustles to build more side hustles! Sure, this is all easy to say and in practice could be difficult. I agree, this all doesn’t come easy in terms of mindset regarding your side hustle or finding your purpose.

However, I’m passionate in helping people overcome their mental blockages when it comes to building their side hustle and guiding them on their own path to success. At the same time empowering those side hustlers out there to chase after their dreams.