This 3 Step Process is the simplest way to #Glamifest or better said, manifest your dream glamorous lifestyle.

The technique that I am about to explain comes close to that of Neville Goddard – which is referred to as the “Revision Technique“.

Step 1: Write 10 negative points about what is “wrong” with your current lifestyle. It is an exercise.

Example: My current circle of friends do not encourage my dream lifestyle.

Step 2: Defining the current situation as if it is already taking place

Now add each of these statements in an excel sheet. One column will be named: “1. Past” (what you just wrote down in step 1).

Right next to the “1. Past – column” you will transform this statement into your positive “current” or “now” – statement in the “2. Current Column”.

1. Past: My current circle of friends do not “chase” the level of upgrade that I seek.
2. Current: I am surrounded by friends who also seek to level up. Their drive is infectious and I feel great being surrounded by such inspiring people!

Another example:
1. Past: I do not have the funds or other avenues to live that ultra glam lifestyle.
2. Current: The ultra glam lifestyle seeks me. I am constantly bombarded with offers to partake in opulent activities! So much that I need to constantly turn down many requests.

3 step process manifest dream life
Photo credit: Olesya_Malinskaya Instagram Page

Step 3: Defining the current situation as if it is already took place

Once you finish the second column, you start a third column: “3. Remember when“.

Here you look back and write as if time has passed and you are contemplating on your PAST situation.

Example: I remember when my current circle of friends was totally different – wow. How times have changed! I am now surrounded by supportive and interesting people who want the best for me.

Once you have finished this exercise, save the table in your phone or place it next to your bathroom mirror if you have privacy.

Look at it as much as possible – the now and the “remember when” columns.

When looking at these statements, try your best to generate the feeling of actually being in the moment while thinking of these thoughts.

The feelings generated will be imprinted into your subconscious mind.

I promise that it will be a matter of time before avenues will open to make your statements come true – keep an eye on changes taking place when you start this exercise.