The Snowball Effect is a process that starts small and builds upon itself becoming larger and larger.

Snowball, set to launch this year, is the first Smart Crypto Investment Automation Platform (SCIA) platform that offers access to portfolios modeled after SEC regulated crypto indices and like it’s namesake has been building major traction and growing with momentum since the concept was first announced last year.

Founder Parul Gujral began working on the app in 2017 when he felt compelled to tackle some of the major pain points involved in investing in cryptocurrency. Gujral had previously had some luck in cryptocurrency investing however he recognized that many more had not and while more and more people sought to get involved the process remained difficult for new investors to get started. In the current landscape, investors had to download multiple wallets and exchanges, have prior knowledge about which coins to invest in or do significant research into each individual coin to be able to discern between the promising investments and the outright frauds, and then, of course, there was the issue of security. While decentralization offered many benefits early adopters sought, without regulations in place the cryptocurrency marketplace was a bit of a Wild Wild West and a dangerous place for many who could not afford to lose.

One secure place.
No more multiple wallets or exchanges; through partnerships with Kraken and Prime Trust Snowball is able to offer users one secure place to manage their cryptocurrency investments. New users are able to simply download the mobile app, connect a funding method and begin investing.

Direct recommendation.
Once on the app, Snowball provides popular choices based on the investor’s individual goals. Through a series of questions the app is able to automatically pull the portfolios available that most match what the user is looking for. The user can then swipe through for other options or begin investing immediately with just a click of a button.

Automated investing.
Once the user has selected which portfolio they would like to follow they can sit back and let the app do the rest of the work. If the portfolio allocations change the app will automatically buy and sell to match those allocations, giving users a truly automated experience. If at any time the user notices another portfolio outperforming their own they are able to switch portfolios with just a tap.

Accredited investors.
All of the portfolios offered on Snowball are vetted heavily by the Snowball team and are managed by regulatory compliant professionals who have at least $10 million assets under management. This way the novice user can get on board with Snowball and be sure they aren’t falling victim to fly-by-night ICO scams or taking advice from just anyone.

While Snowball will launch officially to the public this year those who are eager to jump on board sooner can visit to join their waitlist. Downloads will be offered to those on the waitlist ahead of the public and for those even more eager to “skip the line” they are offering a referral program that will cut the line in half for every person you bring on board, there are also a slew of monetary incentives for referring so be sure to keep an eye out for that on their website,


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