There are many worries and problems that we encounter due to one thing or the other, such as malnutrition, inferior housing, poverty, employment bias, neglect and so much more. 

Of which we are most likely affected by it, individually, while some encompass our environment.

Though we don’t have the wherewithal to solve all that we face or go through in this present-day world, technology has provided countless solutions to the majority of them.

The fact that the society at large is being affected negatively, shows the need to address the problems as soon as possible. 

Recently, research has proven that technology plays an important role in our daily lives and society. Though it has a positive and negative impact on the world, it is capable of solving all problems that affect us, even in the whole world.

When there’s a problem, we would want to provide solutions to them whether individually or officially – that is through the government. 

But there has been an accumulation of solutions that makes it easier to get potential solutions to problems.

That technology alone can’t solve problems, seems fair, as it’s most effective when it’s paired with capable basic human forces.

Here’s are some solutions to the societies’ dilemma;

  1. CRIME RATE: This is one of the problems that brings great concern to society and its members. 

Crime being an illegal or intentional act against the law, for which someone can be punished as it causes physical harm or traumatic damage to the victim. 

Its alarming rate has no limit on whom it affects, for people from all ages, backgrounds and location are being impacted. 

Though technology is used to perpetrate more sophisticated crimes, still law enforcement officers and those in the lawful system are increasingly using technology tools to fight crime. To keep the society-  public, safe and protect individual human life.

There is unlimited technology that can be used to fight crime, such as cutting-edge software, tracking systems, and more.

  • Arson: Arson is a type of crime that affects society at large. It is a deliberate means of setting fire to someone else’s property or a group of people’s possession to cause injury or damages.

However, technology has developed different software and machines that can help fight this crime.

An example is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which is also commonly known as Drone.

It is an aircraft that has no human pilot, crew or passengers on board but is controlled by a pilot on the ground level, or it is self-directed by a pre-programmed flight plan. The UAVs are inexpensive to acquire, easy to operate, and capable of providing georeferenced spatial resolution aerial images, temperature scales of fire zones and heat maps. Professional drones are able to carry hoses to less susceptible areas. Anticipated technological advancements, has foreseen that lots of self-sufficient drones could be used to track fire outbreak, wildfires and point out a fire spread.

Just as a fire occurs on a large scale, it also occurs on a small scale in our houses or workplace.

Do you know that you can prevent fire from occurring on a large scale?

Yes! Few steps to provide a solution to that fire problem. 

  1. Installation of smart smoke detectors, such that once the smoke has been detected, an alert is sent to your mobile phone, through which the authorities are informed and for further efficiency.
  2. Installation of smart batteries to make your existing smoke detectors more productive.
  3. Linking your entire system together for absolute efficiency. That is, smart fire detectors, alarm systems, batteries, plugs, and other devices should all be connected through a smart residence hub.
  • Automobile Theft: This is also a crime which, according to research, takes less than a minute to steal most automobiles successfully, and the disturbing fact is that car burglars are getting increasingly sophisticated with their methods. Even as vehicle technology advances, the technology to steal it also increases. 

The majority of us are used to the fact that a car alarm goes off accidentally, such that people rarely seem affected when a car alarm becomes activated.

However, different technology tracking systems, passive immobilizers, and personal alarm pagers have all proposed high-tech choices or add-ons to the traditional automobile alarm that make your vehicle difficult to steal and even easier to reclaim when stolen.

Some solution providing technology are as follows;

technology developed machines used to lock the steering wheel and tire(s), kill system devices, electronic tracking system software like GPS. 

GPS tracking  is a suitable way to keep track of your vehicle by collecting and transmitting the tracking data via a satellite or cellular network that has worldwide data coverage, whichever works best for your automobile strategy.

  • Vehicle Diagnosis: Just as vehicle theft affects its owner deeply, the diagnosis is also one of the vehicle owner’s major concerns.

Diagnosis of the vehicle plays an important role in the longevity of the automobile. When a vehicle is not given a proper diagnosis, the technician might focus on the less important problem in the vehicle, which if not a diagnosis and properly repaired might cause total damage to the vehicle.

Hence, one must choose a standardized system software that is capable of providing a top-notch diagnosis.

On-board diagnostics (OBD) being an automotive electronic system that provides vehicle self-diagnosis and relating capabilities for repair technicians. This diagnosis software provides technicians permission to subsystem data to monitor and analyse the repair the vehicle requires.

Technology has made it easy for both vehicle owners and mechanics such that they just need to see the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) which can be sent via the OBD application on their mobile phones.


Presently, the 21st century has been filled with different developments in science and technology. Although, having too much of something can be harmful but notwithstanding, we can not deny the fact that it has a higher advantage in the lives of mankind and the world as a whole. 

The time factor has been on our side in majorly all aspects that technology affects, alongside the easy access to information and even a better means of communication and so much more.

Accordingly, the necessity of solutions to our problems provided through technology cannot be overemphasized.