Life is not always what it seems. It does not always look the same to everyone. Certain news broadcasts will take the same event and tell two completely different stories. Just as I tell my daughters when they hear different sides of a story,

“The truth is somewhere in between.”

How do we reach this place of “in between”? How do we ensure that our truth is in alignment with the truth?It comes from a place of balanced energy, balanced perspective, balanced sight and balanced insight. As we balance our energy, our senses become more attuned and clear. Our sense of sight is connected to the same place where we hold our fear. Have you been having more eye problems the last few months? Has your vision begun to blur? It would not be surprising given all the fear-laden reports and images we have seen over the past few months.

Our thoughts trigger our emotions. Our emotions move our energy and energy manifests physically.

As we see images that are gut-wrenching (also where we hold our fear) and devastatingly inhumane, we trigger the energy within us that is going to alter our sight and shift our perspective.What you do with your energy matters. While often we wish we could unsee certain images, how have those images changed you? Do you have a stronger belief in something? Can you find more compassion for others or for yourself as a result of what you’ve seen? Do you have a new perspective?

Our sight is only one of our senses that is affected right now. As we learned last week in Making Sense of it All, when we change life chapters, we experience a form of grief. We grieve the life we once had prior to our life change. We are all experiencing some level of grief right now. We are grieving a multitude of things: canceled proms, altered graduations, the loss of how we used to run errands and perhaps truly the loss of a loved one. We are all experiencing a bit of numbness. The numbing of senses is just one symptom of this grief. Join me for this meditation today, The Space We find In Between Two Truths, to help you shift your perspective as you absorb the wisdom from what you’ve seen and as you release what no longer serves you.I hope you will join me for our Facebook Lives beginning this week (Wednesdays & Fridays at 1:30pm) and ultimately for our Making Sense of it All 6-week workshop on healing your senses so you can enjoy a rich and fulfilling experience throughout this pandemic and as the world shifts.