The psychic realm isn’t the equivalent as the spiritual realm. Psychic resources and forces are not the equivalent as spiritual resources and forces. Indeed, there is nothing otherworldly about being psychic.

Numerous individuals today befuddle the two and assume that “psychic” and “spiritual” are for all intents and purposes synonymous and that somebody with psychic resources – regardless of whether simply guaranteed or really demonstrated – should without a doubt be a spiritually created or developed soul.


It is hazy where this impossible to miss idea started however it is absolutely evident that it has never been held by any of the otherworldly or exclusive conventions ever. All introductions and lessons of the Ancient Wisdom, in at all country and at all time, have constantly drawn an unmistakable and particular line among psychic and spiritual.

H.P. Blavatsky, originator of the Theosophical Movement, clarified that a psychic simply can see on an alternate plane of material thickness than the normal individual. In any case, the level on which they are seeing and encountering things is in any case still material and scarcely over the physical level, paying little heed to how wondrous and energizing it might all appear to the psychic themselves.

In utilizing the expression “psychic,” we don’t just mean the individuals who charge themselves as psychics and offer (or offer, as is all the more frequently the case) their “psychic administrations” to other people, in spite of the fact that obviously such individuals are incorporated under the term. Be that as it may, a psychic is any individual who is inclined to having encounters of a specific kind and nature.

These are for the most part set apart by:

(a)their very fantastical, staggering, wistful or sensational quality and substance

(b)their accentuation and spotlight on the alleged otherworldly significance, enormity, or high nature of the one having the experience, and


(c) impossible to miss sensations, for example, feeling “the pinch of heavenly attendants” or accepting evident appearances from any semblance of Jesus, Buddha, or the Virgin Mary, or hearing voices which are thought by the person to have a place with spiritual or divine creatures.

These individuals – psychics – frequently report having dreams or memories of past lives or looks into the future or out of body encounters, in some cases happening once a day or even various occasions each day.

As a general rule they are additionally observed to be very misled about different issues, especially their very own significance and the degree of their own capacities, and perpetually tend to see every one of their encounters as trustworthy and precise, without halting to consider that things may be something else.


It is moderately simple for a man to have psychic encounters. Some convey such penchants over from past lives, while others create them in the present lifetime, regularly accidentally and because of taking part in hurtful otherworldly practices, for example, endeavoring to stir the Kundalini, attempting to open the Third Eye, and so on.

The psychic realm is just a single level over the physical realm and in reality, interpenetrates it to an expansive degree.

Remembering this we can all the more obviously comprehend why the psychic plane – or astral plane or astral light as it is likewise known in Theosophy – is talked about as the inconspicuous environment encompassing the earthbound and permanently engraved with each idea, word, feeling, creative ability, experience, and activity of mankind, at various times.

Along these lines, psychism is something natural and material in nature, instead of something otherworldly and divine. Going into this tremendous realm, one instantly opens oneself up to trickiness, hallucination, and perplexity.


It is conceivable that a psychic may every so often have looks of things from a higher and more solid measurement yet these are extremely uncommon and tend to be so tinged and hued by things of a psychic astral nature that they turn out to be basically useless and garbled.

Genuine bona fide special insight, clairaudience, et cetera, isn’t psychic however spiritual. The distinction between the two is as the contrast among sunlight and dim.

It is protected to state that those spiritually propelled spirits who are in control of genuine otherworldly hyper vision perpetually stay silent about it and work quietly, shrewdly, and keenly for the benefit of mankind, while never attracting regard for themselves in any capacity.

They realize that they are working in the unadulterated realm of the otherworldly and keep away from the muddied waters of the psychic like a torment.

They are in those cases not otherworldly encounters at everything except rather psychic hallucinations. Any individual who can’t instantly differentiate or even perceive that there is a distinction should avoid every single such thing, for the good of their own and wellbeing, and spotlight rather on things all the more genuinely vital and helpful.

For instance, cleansing one’s every day contemplations and life, developing fixation and center in the majority of one’s undertakings, honing the most extreme love and sympathy towards all creatures – creatures and also human – and figuring out how to apply one’s psyche and insightfulness to genuine otherworldly investigation and philosophical reasoning.

As has been appeared, the psychic obstructs as a hindrance between the individual and the high spiritual realms. It’s anything but an assistance to one’s otherworldly life however a malevolent deterrent. There is nothing otherworldly about being psychic.

Be that as it may, with respect to such things as the high otherworldly hyper vision specified above, we ought to be practical, sensible, and humble and acknowledge that not very many of us stand any possibility of coming to such levels or growing such resources in this present lifetime. Thus what? We have no genuine need to at any rate. What we do critically should create, honing, and consummating are the characteristics of affection, knowledge, and empathy.

What we do should abide upon are those paramount words from “The Voice of the Silence” – “To live to profit humankind is the initial step. To rehearse the six brilliant ideals is the second.”

The six temperances are the Paramitas talked about in Mahayana Buddhism as dana (giving), shila (moral control), kshanti (tolerance), virya (exertion), dhyana(thoughtful focus), and prajna (intelligence). This is the thing that Theosophy suggests and energizes as opposed to endeavors at psychic advancement.

Genuine, the thought of the Paramitas and of affection and sympathy and sacrificial administration to mankind may not sound energizing and captivating like some psychic encounters however these are really spiritual and connect with the spirit and higher resources of man, which are far well beyond his psychic nature.

These are of changeless and enduring quality and give the firm grounds to improvement of bona fide otherworldly resources and powers in resulting lifetimes, while the encounters and practices in the psychic realm are alongside useless in the entire plan of things.

It is difficult to state what number of hundreds or thousands of individuals who could have had a positive and powerful effect in this world have wound up destroyed and deep down shredded due to falling into the totally open device of psychism.

It is one of the strategies utilized by the adversaries of mankind to undermine the spiritual advancement of promising yet accidental spirits who could somehow or another have turned out to be viable ministers for the reason for otherworldliness on the planet.

is trusted that this article may go probably some approach to helping other
people not to commit such an error.