By embracing every challenge, mistake, and situation as a learning opportunity, Kevin Rodas has gone from party-goer to CEO. His story shows that the lasting impact of any decision is how you use it to grow. 

Synthesizing financial literacy and planning with digital-marketing expertise, Kevin Rodas has led KR27 Group to be the go-to agency for any business looking to expand. 

Born in the United States but immigrating to Guatemala at four years old, Kevin Rodas did not grow up with the resources and opportunity to pursue a risk-proof entrepreneurial career. 

With no father in the picture, Kevin’s mother had to provide for him and his sister on her own. This required her to work long hours, leaving Kevin alone for long stretches of time. 

Kevin saw firsthand the effects of hard work and entrepreneurial initiative. As a child, he even began buying and reselling toys at school—even getting caught and punished a few times.

Moving to the United States 

After seven years in Guatemala, Kevin returned to the U.S., moving in with his aunt and grandmother while his mother and sister stayed behind in Guatemala. 

Alone with no friends and only a slight grasp of English, Kevin had to adapt to the new culture and lifestyle of the U.S. It took time, but Kevin was eventually able to acclimate to his new surroundings and received straight A’s through middle school. 

Entering his freshman year of high school, Kevin’s life took a different turn. His mother and sister moved to the U.S., sharing a one-bedroom apartment with Kevin and his grandmother. 

Kevin’s uncle, a man he looked up to as a father figure, also passed away at this time. Kevin did not know how to cope with this loss and turned to drinking, partying, and ditching school. 

After a few years of this lifestyle, the 2008 recession hit. Kevin took a job to help his mother pay their bills, and slowly removed himself from the partying scene. 

Kevin worked throughout the rest of his high school career. Upon graduation, he began working at a bank, unable to afford a college education. Viewing his job at the bank as a stepping stone, Kevin became adamant to take every opportunity to further his education.

Beginning His Professional Career and Turning a Banking Gig Into a Collegiate Education 

Kevin neither knew banking was his calling nor saw it as a career, but he determined that this job would serve as his collegiate education. 

Kevin met with every client he could, learned from their business and professional ingenuity, took multiple educational courses through the bank’s programs, and worked hard to absorb every piece of information he could. 

As he pursued this education, however, he fell back into the partying lifestyle. It’s either he was working, or he was drunk. This went on for a few years until, still only 19, Kevin had an epiphany at a New Year’s party—he was better than his behavior, and he wanted to be proud of himself again. 

Kevin stopped drinking, started working out, and within five months, was sober and 60 pounds lighter. He also began working even harder, devoting all his energies to developing his skills. 

Then another person entered Kevin’s life to alter his direction. George was hired as a new manager at the bank and challenged Kevin on his assumptions. George was not even 30 but had a house and a successful career. 

Kevin asked how he could get a house as well, and George told him, “just do it.” At first, Kevin responded that it wasn’t that easy, but as time went on, Kevin decided he would listen. 

He began looking at houses, and at 24, purchased one through a housing program. The house required an hour and a half commute to work, but Kevin believed it was worth it. 

The purchase and George motivated Kevin to continue pushing himself. He knew he did not want to stay at the bank, so he doubled down on his education, and by age 26 was a licensed financial advisor. 

With the license in hand, Kevin continued to work at the bank, moving up the ladder and increasing his income. Despite this, he still did not feel satisfied. While on a short break, he looked at his career and determined he was called to do more. 

Instead of returning to work on Monday, Kevin called in and told them he would not be returning—he had learned all he could and it was time to move on.

Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap 

Kevin left the bank without having any idea as to what he wanted to do. In the interim, he purchased two new properties, moving from his first house to a new one with his better half and their child. 

He rented out the old house, and after a short period, established a marketing agency. Through this venture, Kevin developed his marketing and agency skills.

The marketing agency still did not satisfy Kevin, however. Looking back at his mother and the other people who had influenced him, he discerned he wanted to build a company devoted to helping others. 

Combining his financial advisor expertise with his marketing acumen, Kevin established KR27 Group. 

As an agency, Kevin and KR27 help businesses and business owners grow and develop. They offer a full suite of digital-marketing services, and unlike any other agency in the industry, also provide financial coaching. 

Kevin educates his clients on financial literacy and strategy, budgeting, and tax strategy so that they can utilize the income his marketing services produce towards future growth. 

Kevin and KR27 Group provide a full service that allows his clients to make, save, and invest money for their futures. Before the end of 2021, Kevin would have purchased 2 additional properties and is looking to buy 5 more next summer. This is Kevin’s mission, materialized from all the events, people, obstacles, and mistakes he encountered throughout his life.  Kevin reflects, “I have learned now that if you are good to others, life comes full circle. I don’t do this for money, but because I am driven by having more, in order to provide more jobs and help for others. I live on very little and still shop at Ross, and drive my Honda.”

Kevin embraced everything he went through—the good and bad alike, and in doing so set himself up for a fulfilling and successful career as an entrepreneur and a founder of a mission-based agency. 

If you are a business owner looking to grow your business and intensify your digital presence, you can send Kevin a message on Facebook or send an email to his assistant. Learn more about him and KR27 Group’s marketing and finance services by visiting their company website here.  


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